I have just read the tragic account of the persecution and murder of Li Mei, as well as the subsequent treatment of her family.

After Li Mei's death, her family was brought in for a short viewing of her body. When they got there, they found her body to be still warm! Lying in the funeral parlor and moments before heading for the cremation ovens, Li Mei's body temperature revealed that she could not have been dead for more than 10 hours. When questioned by the shocked family, those in charge giggled! (See http://www.clearwisdom.net/eng/2001/Feb/16/EWA021601_3.html for reference)

My anguish at this behavior is rooted in the fact that this is not an isolated case. Li Mei is "merely" one of more than a hundred and fifty genuinely kind, caring, and good people who have been murdered by their government officials. She is "merely" one of tens of thousands that had been illegally arrested, detained, tortured, raped and mutilated by those whose highest purpose and reason for being is to protect and serve the citizens.

Li Mei laid there, her throat stuffed with cotton and the back of her head bloody, while those in charge giggled.

..."the deputy of Anhui Province (Wang Zhaoyao), the director of the labor education bureau, the president of Anhui public security bureau and the city 610 officials were all present at the funeral home. What were they trying to cover up? What misdeeds were they keeping under wraps?"...

What I wish to say to them (the officials, the police, the appeal officers, the prison guards, the judges, the politicians, the directors, mayors, leaders, heads of departments, the undercover agents, the hired thugs, all of those responsible -- in Hefei and throughout China) is this: you behave without restriction. You do as you please because those at the top have given you license to persecute, maim and kill. You reassure yourself that you have been "given permission" and you are "following orders." But you are only fooling yourselves.

Do you know that as you try to cover up what you did to Li Mei, that there were witnesses? Do you know that as you try to cover your tracks, everything is being revealed behind you? Do you know that every move, every deed, every crime is seen? Even lies like the Tiananmen immolation, orchestrated by the government and seemingly airtight, began to show cracks and flaws almost immediately. This was the "crowning achievement" of the administration and has been broadcast endlessly. This you know. But do you know that the witnesses are beginning to talk? Do you think that if this action is being exposed and revealed, that your own crimes will be unnoticed and remain hidden? Do not fool yourselves further.

You know that practitioners of Falun Dafa do not hit back. Thus, you feel you have nothing to fear, but you are deluding yourself. It is true that you have nothing to fear from Falun Dafa and its practitioners. The practitioners have proven the might of the DaFa with their selfless courage. Given the chance to retaliate, they did not. Given the chance to walk away from persecution by renouncing their principles, they did not. Don't you understand what they are doing? Why do they allow themselves to be brutalized? It is for you. They hope to give you a chance to wake up. They have given you their social positions, their money and their bodies. Li Mei gave you her life, and so did Zhao Xin, Su Gang, and 150 others. They gave you everything so that you could have the chance to see what Truth is. Can you understand it? Their sacrifice is proof that there is something remarkable happening right now.

No, you have nothing to fear from practitioners, but you have much to fear. You are in a great danger caused by your own actions, because there is justice. China's history is replete with those who hid behind "orders" and those who remained on the side of power, even when the power did evil instead of good. Time and time again the situation turned around, and those with the power were left to their fate when the structure collapsed. Master Li Hongzhi teaches "...things turn into their opposites when they reach the extreme." (Zhuan Falun) This has been proven throughout history countless times. You need only look at it with a rational mind to see that it must be so. What will happen to you when the situation turns around? The regular citizens in China recognize it don't you? They have seen how those who should care for them have turned to doing harm to them. They have seen the police turn into criminals and ignore crimes while arresting good people. Is it Falun Gong that has eroded the people's trust?

The government, or is the behavior of the government that has done so? What will happen to you? It will not be practitioners who 'come for revenge'. You do not stop at hurting practitioners and you attack everyone. People cannot take a taxi or buy a train ticket without cursing good things. Everyone sees it. You may say there is no good and evil, but good and evil do not manifest according to your will. You may not believe in justice, but justice believes in you, and justice will knock at your door. It will not be the hand of a practitioner (you know this); but it might be the hand of an ordinary citizen, the hand of a criminal code, the hand of a government decree, or the hand of God. In any form, evil is rewarded with evil.

Wake up now! Criminals in prison have transformed upon meeting Dafa practitioners. Policemen and guards have seen what is true. Do not force them to continue to do bad things. Understand what those thousands of your very best people have done for you. Understand what those 143 have done for you. Stand up now -- for yourself -- before justice stands up and righteousness is revealed!

Everything you have done has been seen.