Dear Fellow People,

My name is Fan Lixia (female) and I am 23 years old. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jianggou Village of Wolong Town in Nanyang City, Henan Province. I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998 and although the Chinese government has banned it, I have continued to practice. I went to Beijing at the end of October 2000, in order to tell the truth and clear the name of Dafa and Master Li. The Tiexi Police Station, in my hometown, listed me as wanted and openly offered a reward of 10,000 Yuan (translator's note: the average monthly income of a Chinese worker is 500 Yuan.) People in my work unit, neighborhood, and other places were encouraged to report information about me to the authorities . I became displaced and couldn't return home. On Feb 15, 2001 at approximately 4 p.m., the local policemen from Tiexi Police Station arrived at my boyfriend's company and took him by force (he is not a practitioner). They took him to my home and elsewhere to look for me. They failed to find me; consequently he has been detained in Tiexi Police Station until now.

My mother Wang Junlan, since practicing Falun Dafa has felt both her body and mind have been purified. In order to continue with the practice and to tell the truth, she went to Beijing on Dec 26, 2000. On Dec 29, she was sent back from Beijing. On her way home, she was recognized by police and people from her work unit, and was arrested at the Nanyang Railway Station. She is now detained in No.1 Detention Building of Nanyang City.

My sister Fan Yanli is 27 years old. She insisted on practicing Dafa and refused to write against her conscience any "confession", "promise", or words defaming Dafa. She was taken by force by the officers from Tiaxi Police Station and sent to a transformation class in "Tianyi Driving School". She was forced to transform and received various spiritual torments.

My aunt Fan Shuzhen is 60, and lives in Zhenping County. She went to Beijing in mid December and was taken back by the police at the end of December. She was detained for a while and was then sent to Shibali River Labor camp in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, for three years' labor education.

My dear fellow people, where is the justice of heaven? Please wake up. Don't nurture Jiang Zemin's viciousness. Don't persecute the kind and innocent people. Truth is truth. Nothing can change it. No matter what happened I would insist on practicing, following ]the process of Fa rectification and following Master back to my original place.

Dafa practitioner Fan Lixia

Feb 17, 2001