(Clearwisdom.net) One day in 2001, several practitioners were posting truth-clarifying materials in a park when a vicious policeman spotted them. Because it happened so suddenly, two of the practitioners forgot to send forth righteous thoughts. They dispersed and left the area immediately after quickly disposing of the truth-clarifying materials they had brought with them. The vicious cop arrested one practitioner, and called in another policeman to chase the others separately. The other practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts as they were running. One of them was ducking down in some woods when the policeman discovered him. As the policeman was trying to grab the practitioner, three words miraculously appeared in white and yellow, "do not arrest." The policeman stopped, and thought it would be violating the will of Heaven to arrest the practitioners. He then went away alone.

The practitioner who had been arrested was taken to the local police station. When the policeman who had seen the miraculous words returned to the station and saw the practitioner there, he was very kind towards her and asked to "guard" her. Actually, he wished to talk to her. He told the practitioner that he had read Zhuan Falun before but hadn't finished it, so the practitioner spread the Fa to him. They had a very agreeable talk. The policeman said, "It is your Teacher that arranged for you to save me. We are together right now because of a predestined relationship." Seeing the compassion of the policeman, the practitioner asked him to go and hide all of the truth-clarifying materials that were at her home. With the policeman's help, the Falun Dafa materials were moved to a safe place. The policeman also told the practitioner not to compromise with the evil forces and gave her suggestions and encouragement. Because the practitioner refused to compromise with the evil forces throughout her interrogation, and never even divulged her name and address, the police chief couldn't begin to dig out any incriminating information. With no idea whether he should release her, the chief asked his superior to make a decision.

The compassionate policeman told the practitioner, "Don't worry, if they don't let you go before 5 p.m., that means you will be detained for a longer period. I'll be on duty tonight and open the door for you at midnight. I'll give you 200 Yuan RMB." (Note: 200 Yuan is nearly one half of an average Chinese worker's monthly salary.) Because the practitioner had remained gracious and steadfast while under arrest, the police station chief liked her very much, and set her free before 5 p.m. Also, the chief wished to make friends with her.

Three days later, the practitioner made a visit to the police chief at the station to spread the Fa and clarify the truth to him. After a while the chief said, "I'll surely treat you Falun Dafa practitioners well from now on. But under the current situation, I have to keep a low profile about it."

The compassionate policeman has kept a remarkable connection with the practitioner since then. He often helps her receive and send Falun Dafa materials, especially in the areas where the police maintain a high alert. He showed the truth-clarifying CDs to his relatives and friends, and told the practitioner, "I'm doing this for others, but also for myself!"