(Minghui.org) In the process of Fa-rectification, some old forces hold fast to their own arrangements which deviate from the characteristic of the universe. They interfere with Fa-rectification, and manipulate people to oppose and persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. What our Dafa disciples cultivate is the righteous Fa, and we should be like the Buddhas, Daos, and Gods of the universe by being responsible for every righteous element in the universe. Therefore when dealing with the evil that damages Fa-rectification, we must resolutely and thoroughly eliminate it. Master said, "Eliminating evil is thus doing Fa-rectification, and is also saving the world's people and sentient beings" ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful"). Actually, eliminating evil is also being compassionate towards lives that have become corrupt to the point that they are no longer savable.

The arrangement for Fa-rectification is very well ordered. What it currently requires us to clear out are the beings that have taken part in damaging Dafa. As for some other beings, although they have become quite bad or even extremely evil, as long as they are not currently taking part in damaging Dafa, they are not the ones that we need clear out during this Fa-rectification period. That will be an issue to be resolved in the future when the Fa rectifies the human world.

Dafa disciples' elimination of evil is entirely out of pure benevolence; it is out of being responsible for the Fa, sentient beings, and one's own cultivation. Recently a small number of students has treated all the conflicts and obstacles met within life and society as demons, and have sent out thoughts to clear them out. In doing this, though, they have neglected the important aspect in individual cultivation that one must look inside and improve one's xinxing. This type of mentality not only can be easily taken advantage of by demons and has the effect of damaging Dafa's reputation, but also directly interferes with the well ordered arrangement for Fa-rectification. When the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts was discussed for the first time during the lecture in Canada in 2001, Master seriously told us, "But if you use this for something a cultivator shouldn't do, it won't work; as soon as the thought arises, retribution will follow or your level will drop."

The steps we take in Fa-rectification may all become references for the future. Because of this, Dafa disciples must maintain clear-headedness, understand the Fa from within the Fa, use righteous and benevolent thoughts to treat everything, and have compassion for sentient beings.

November 28, 2001