October 31, 2001


A brainwashing class for Falun Gong practitioners of Shandong Province was held in Zibo City, [Zhoucun District, Wangcun Town,] the place where the notorious Wangcun Labor Camp was located. A sign that said "Shandong Province Legislation Training Center" was hung on the door. This was the old location of a labor camp unit. Surrounding it were four to five meter-high walls. There were two iron gates. Iron bars and shields were set up around the dwelling places. This brainwashing class started at the beginning of August. Each class lasted about one month. The members were firm Falun Gong practitioners from different cities and counties and each practitioner was accompanied by a companion (who was a co-worker or family member). Some of the practitioners were forcibly arrested, some of them were first deceived and then sent there against their will, some of them were sent there directly from detention centers or police stations, and some of them were tricked into going there from their homes. None of them were there of their own free will.

There are strict "rules" in the classes. The firm practitioners are not allowed to talk to each other. They are not allowed to turn off the lights in their rooms when they are sleeping. Upon entering and exiting the building, they have to stand in a line and call out their numbers (practitioners were all given a number, which were called instead of their names). They are not allowed to leave the yard, make phone calls, or be visited by their family members. Even though it was heavily guarded, around the Chinese National Day, one male and one female practitioner still managed to escape miraculously. Consequently, extra iron bars were added on the windows. The guards started to do the head count several times at night and patrols were added in the yard.

The procedure of brainwashing started with sending Falun Gong practitioners to the labor camp for initial brainwashing. Male practitioners were sent to a men's labor camp and females were sent to a women's. At first, three people who enlightened along evil paths (betrayers of Falun Gong) were assigned to be in charge of spreading their distorted principles to one true practitioner. If they thought that person was firm in his/her belief of Falun Gong, or they thought that person had an uncooperative attitude, they would put him/her through a kind of unbearable mental torture called "Torture the Eagles" in order to force the practitioner to give up his/her belief. Every labor unit had almost two hundred people. Every practitioner had a team of three guards assigned to him or her. These guards took turns torturing their assigned practitioner, rotating the task every two hours. In the daytime, they immersed practitioners with their evil thoughts and at night they tortured practitioners, causing practitioner to become dizzy, to vomit, and to become unconscious. They would not stop until the practitioner gave in.

One female practitioner was tortured for seven days and nights straight. She became unsound of mind and was taken advantage by demons, and then she wrote the so-called "Four Pledges" (statement renouncing one's practice of Falun Gong). After she became clear-minded, she regretted her actions so much that she cried very hard. Everybody at the site silently burst into tears for her. Another female practitioner was tortured for six days and nights straight until her companion could not stand it any more (the companion was not allowed to go to bed either in those six days and nights and could only take a nap in his/her high chair) and they began to beg the guards for mercy. They were then allowed to go back to the brainwashing class and take a rest. Two days later, she was sent back to the labor camp to be tortured again.

Jiang's political gang of scoundrels keep on saying that the labor camps are big schools, and the guards there don't beat or curse at people and that they treat Falun Gong practitioners as their family members. Actually, the kind of mental abuse described was far crueler than the beating, cursing, or using all kinds of instruments of torture. Not allowing someone to sleep for a long time can destroy that person's central nervous system. In that way, even if one was tortured to death, the cause of death would not be found because there would be no wounds. They could casually say that the cause of death was heart diseases and thus easily deceive the family members of the practitioner.

Following are several stories heard from a brainwashing class:

1. A female practitioner was sent to a mental hospital against her will because she firmly practices Falun Gong. After she refused to take medicine, she was tied to a bed and forcibly injected with a double dose of medicine that damaged her central nervous system. She was tortured for a month and was close to death. After one of her family members bribed some officials, she was allowed to be taken home. Right after she recovered a little bit, she was kidnapped and sent to a brainwashing class held by the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.)

2. A college professor and his wife were both firm practitioners. They were kidnapped by the "610 Office" while they were at work. They didn't cooperate and were forced into a police vehicle where their hands were cuffed and their mouths were sealed. After over six hours of torture, they were sent to a brainwashing class. Over a month later, there were still handcuff marks on their wrists.

3. A male practitioner went on hunger strike in the local brainwashing class to protest the brainwashing torture. He was then forced-fed through a tube while both his hands were tied behind his back. The tube was not taken away for the convenience of the next forced-feeding. In order to prevent him from taking out the tube, those vicious thugs did not untie him even during bedtime. He had to sleep on his side. The vicious thugs pulled the tube back and forth several times a day to prevent the tube from adhering to his esophagus. It was dreadfully painful. He could hardly stand the torture and protested by hitting his head against the wall. His head was wounded and blood poured all around him. He was later sent to the hospital and had eleven stitches. Right after the stitches were taken out, he was kidnapped and sent to the brainwashing class again.