On November 13, 2001, Radio Free Asia reported: According to the measurements and calculations by the Chinese Water Conservation Department, at present, the underground water in Shandong Province is being excessively utilized. This has allowed an influx of seawater to thousands of square kilometers of land.

The average per capita water resource in Shandong Province is less than 1/6 of the country's average. Due to severe pollution of the surface water, unpolluted underground water is being increasingly utilized. Last Tuesday, Xinhua News Agency reported that in recent years Shandong Province exploited underground water to almost 100% of its capacity. In this province, Zibo City has overexploited the water most severely, up to 182% of the water capacity. In recent years Shandong Province has had an average underground water resource of about 12.5 billion cubic meters. But so far Shandong has overexploited 7.4 billion cubic meters of this shallow underground water. Only in the single year of 1999, Shandong overexploited 1 billion cubic meters of this water. Lester Brown, Director of World Observer Research Institute in Washington DC, stated that overexploitation of water was a very common problem in Northern China.

Xinhua News Agency reported that because Shandong's water was severely overexploited, seawater has infiltrated into 19 counties and cities of the province, covering an area of more than 1,000 km2. Because of this water crisis, Weihai and Yantai Cities have restricted every person to utilize less than one cubic meter of water per month. People exceeding this limit will be fined 40 Yuan RMB for every cubic meter exceeded.

"Nothing that happens in this world is coincidental. Just take a look: If any nation, region, or individual does something bad, some special phenomena will immediately follow. Humans' disasters and everything that befalls humans is the result of their own conduct." (Falun Buddha Fa, Lecture at the Conference in Europe, 1998)

In Shandong Province, where the notorious Luo Gan has come to visit many times, has always been the most critical area in regards to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Also Shandong Province is the area where the evil force is the most rampant. Dozens of practitioners have been tortured to death there.

The Falun Dafa Information Center reported on October 3: according to news from Shandong, since August, there have been two more Dafa practitioners brutally killed by policemen. Wang Yongdong, a practitioner from Yishui County in Shandong Province, was beaten up by policemen at his own home and then was thrown from a four-story building to his death. Another female practitioner, Gao Mei also from the same county, died in the Local County Detention Center.

Wang Yongdong, a 38 year old, lived in Chengyangdong Road in Yishui County. He was a former assistant contact person for Yishui County Falun Gong Assistant Center, Shandong Province. On September 21, 2001, the County police illegally broke into Wang's home and ransacked his place. Wang, who was home at the time, tried to reason with the police and resist their wrongdoing. Police beat him severely and then threw Wang from the fourth floor out of his building. Police claimed that he had committed suicide. When a reporter inquired about this matter to Yishui police, they refused to make any comment.

According to information, there were scars from brutal beating on Wang Yondong's corpse. There were obvious marks inflicted to his neck. Wang was a self-employed vegetable salesman. He had excellent relations with his neighbors. Wang Yongdong's unjust death aroused public indignation in his village and town. His relatives firmly requested a suspension on the cremation of his body.

The other practitioner who was killed was Gao Mei of Lugou Village, Fuguanzhuang Township, Yishui County, Shandong Province. She was 30 years old and was seized because she practiced Falun Gong. She died due to brutal torture in Yishui County Detention Center on the 22nd of August 2001. A further investigation needs to be conducted to obtain detailed information. Presently, her husband is still incarcerated and suffering from excruciating torture.

Information shows that the methods used by Yishui County police in persecuting Wang Yongdong to death were very similar to those of the Chaoyang County police, Liaoning Province, who murdered a Falun Gong practitioner, Yu Xiuling. On September 19th, Yu was brutally tortured to the point of near death. Then she was thrown from a fourth floor window to her death. Policemen said that she committed suicide by jumping from the building.

Recently, the number of practitioners tortured to death has increased dramatically. The proven number of total deaths is 312. Shandong has 57 out of these victims, being the No. 1 province that has the largest number of practitioner deaths. Internal information obtained from the Chinese Government claims that the actual number of deaths exceeds more than 1,000.

"Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil" is a heavenly principle. China currently suffers from natural disasters in large areas; this is the direct consequence of persecuting Falun Gong. Friends and relatives, for the sake of your own beautiful future, it is a great urgency to stop the Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan regime from persecuting Falun Gong!