5. All the Uneasy Situations Changed

During the year 1999, the police closely watched me. My husband did not understand me, and didn't allow me to come home. I lived and slept at the school I worked for. The school let me stay in an apartment, which previously belonged to a retired vice principal. During my stay in the labor camp, my husband only came to visit me four times, and two of those four times were requested by the government. He did not give money to me (of course I did not mind). I wrote him several times (he never wrote back) to thank and to greet him. But I wasn't sure if he still wanted to accept me, especially since we had gone through the divorce process. But surprisingly, he happily welcomed me back and we visited his friends and relatives. He also publicly said that Falun Dafa is good, and even supported my cultivation. My children spent more time studying the Fa, and many of our friends changed their views about Falun Dafa and believed it to be good. Some of them even started reading Zhuan Falun, and some who had previously given up started their cultivation again. Everything changed and was different.

6. Reveal the Truth and Expose the Evil to the Government

After I came home I used every chance I got to reveal the truth. One day I went to purchase rice. The vendor admired my behavior and said that I was generous. I told him that before I practiced Falun Gong my hand was really tight, and I too tried to take advantage of others. Then the topic changed to revealing truth. After some discussions he asked me where he could find a copy of Zhuan Falun to read. I went home to get one. I didn't think revealing the truth to ordinary people around me was enough, so I decided to reveal the truth to the local government.

I started asking to get my job back. The local Political and Judiciary Committee promised to let me work when they picked me up from the labor camp. I wanted to work, and an opportunity to fulfill my obligation to the community. I revealed the truth to all government offices I had visited including: County Political and Judiciary Committee, County Law Office, Province Government, Province Department of Labor Camps Management, Province Political and Judiciary Committee, "610 Office" and its local branches, the appeal office of Province Police Department, and Province Government Appeal Office, etc. Although they did not listen to me on the surface, and sometimes were even very rude to me, I thought I had the obligation to do so because some of them could still be saved.

7. Use Wisdom When Revealing the Truth and Exposing the Evil

When revealing the truth and exposing the evil to the ordinary people, people always ask many different kinds of questions. We need to be rational, wise, and firmly rooted in the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." We should use knowledge of the everyday level to reveal and clean out the evil, as well as the wrong concepts in ordinary people's minds, so that everyday people may understand that Falun Dafa is good.

The principal of my school was also the vice manager of the County Educational Bureau, and also an attorney. The third day I was home, she paid me a visit, along with two other managers. She told me that she and our school had incurred losses because of my behavior, as well as some of her own opinions about Falun Gong. This woman was very skilled with rhetoric, and used eloquent language to try and debate me. She and I talked for about an hour (my family and the two other managers did not even have a chance to speak.) Later her cell phone rang. Somebody asked her to have dinner, and asked her what she was doing at the moment. She told him that she was talking to me. The person on the phone asked how the conversation was going. She said as good as her rhetorical techniques were, she felt she was close to being convinced that I was right. The following are some examples of how I accomplished this:

Some propaganda said Teacher has a super luxury secret home, which even Teacher's direct relatives do not know about. The story was concocted in 1999 when I lived in school and was closely watched. I was forced to read the daily newspaper and to watch the TV program with similar contents. I did not refuse to do so like others, because I wanted to break the lies. I talked to a party secretary who watched the TV programs with me:

  1. What kind of home would it be if its existence was not even known by the owner's direct relatives? Can the owner live in this home? If not, how could it still be called a home?
  2. Teacher has left China to give lectures overseas since 1995, and very seldom comes home anyway, but this apartment was so clean that you couldn't see any dust. The apartment that previously belonged to the retired vice principal, that I lived in later, was only unoccupied for half a year, and it took me four to five buckets of water to clean the dust off of everything.
  3. When the TV program showed the so-called "secret home", there were many of Teacher's photos, photos of other Buddha's, and incense burners. I asked him if Teacher would burn incense for himself, or for others. Teacher said, "No matter how vast this Dafa is, I am not within it, while any of you beings are within it." (Lecture at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun, July 26, 1998).
  4. Those gold and silver ornaments were even more questionable. We all know that gold is the remains of dead high-level lives. All cultivators are enlightened beings after reaching consummation. How could an enlightened being wear those remains? This is equal to wearing a bone from a dead body. A practitioner would have gotten rid of any ornaments shortly after beginning cultivation. How could teacher want to use them?
  5. Speaking of medicine [Note: The Government propaganda TV program showed that there were medicine pills inside the "secret home"], before I started my cultivation, I had to use medicine every day for severe diabetes and other illnesses. I totally recovered after I started my cultivation, and never used medicine again. I do not have any medicine in my home, so of course Teacher would not have any medicine in his home.

These five points are enough to expose the lie. In fact, lies can never truly deceive people; it is just that people are unwilling to use their brains, their knowledge and acquired experience to admit the truth. As Dafa practitioners, we should use wisdom, as well as our knowledge and experience in everyday people's society to expose evil and clarify the truth.

Right now the evil force still struggles. We should always remember, "take the Fa as the teacher", and entirely deny the arrangements by the evil old force. During the process of "Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination" (Dafa is Indestructible), and "With a determined heart, lift the feet with legs weighing thousands of pounds, Forbearing suffering, striving forward, and discarding attachments;" (Hongyin) step towards the magnificent final Consummation.