(Clearwisdom.net) In early March of 2001 before the two major conferences [National People's Congress Conference and People's Political Consultative Conference], the officials and the police of Anqiu Township of Anqiu City, Shandong Province kidnapped Dafa practitioners to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. The kidnapped practitioners were forced to attend brainwashing classes.

Practitioners in Anqiu Township were detained in Yuying Middle School, the Party's School, where the brainwashing class was held, and the Family Planning Office (birth control office). Song Baojie, director of the Family Planning Office actively performed as the accomplice of Jiang Zemin, and specially allocated two rooms to be used to detain practitioners. During the past two years, many practitioners had been illegally detained here. Once practitioners staged a hunger strike to demand to be freed, but the request fell onto deaf ears for more than ten days and at the end no one was released. Practitioners suffered from hunger, harsh environment such as cold and hot temperature, cursing and physical abuse. The practitioners were watched around the clock.

Practitioner Li Mingwei is a student in Anqiu City Experimental Middle School. One early morning when he was still in bed, seven or eight evil government thugs broke into his home and took him and his mother to the city's family planning office, leaving his 12-year-old sister home alone and helpless (his father had escaped long ago and was not caught).

After a 5-day hunger strike in the family planning office, Li Mingwei was brought back to his school for extended detention. To protest the detention, Li continued his hunger strike. Despite his strong resistance, City Education Committee head Wei ordered people to drag him to the People's Hospital to undergo force-feeding. Li's struggle against the procedure made it very hard for them to insert a tube into his stomach. The hospital staff injected him with an unknown drug, which made Li numb all over his body. Eventually, several people overcame him. As the tube was too thick to be inserted through his nostrils, they used a hard object to pry open his mouth causing severe bleeding of his mouth. The torture was unbearable but Li's painful cries did not make these people show any sign of sympathy. It was not clear what drug they fed him, but Li Mingwei felt terrible afterwards for a long time. Some evil assistants even told him, "If you continue the hunger strike, we will force-feed you 3 times a day to see how long you can endure."

Later Li Mingwei was locked up in a small room. They forced him to promise not to travel to Beijing to appeal. He was not allowed to attend classes without making a promise. Everyday the politics education section personnel Zhang XX and a young teacher were sent to watch him during the day and some students were sent to watch him at night. During this period they repeatedly sent those who enlightened on the evil path (former practitioners who abandoned Dafa willingly) to spread crooked theories and cruelly torture him mentally.

Long before this, the villains headed by Jiang Dongbo, head of the politics education section of Anqiu Experimental Middle School, had been persecuting Li Mingwei under the direction of Principal Xia Fangjing and Deputy Principal Sun Xifu. In July 2001 Li Mingwei went to Beijing to legally appeal but was forcefully sent back and detained for the whole summer break. He was released only after he started a one-day hunger strike. Jiang Dongbo also repeatedly forced him to write a guarantee statement to give up practice. Jiang Dongbo's tactics included physical abuse, taking away Li Mingwei's right to attend class, tricks, and even bribes. All these tactics failed to make Li give up his belief. During a politics exam, Li saw a question designed to smear Dafa, he defended Dafa with a truthful answer. The school authority saw this as a political incident and threatened to revoke his membership from the Youth League. On another occasion, Li Mingwei left for home in the evening from his school dormitory. The school staff was so panicky that Jiang Dongbo was drunk and went to Li's home at mid-night to ensure he was at home. On the next day, Li Mingwei was called to the office and was absent for 3 classes. He was verbally attacked by a group of teachers. Li Mingwei contended vigorously with reason. Thug Jiang Dongbo was so furious that he slapped Li Mingwei on the face more than a dozen times. Afterwards Li felt the pain for quite a long time.

Now, Li Mingwei has been forced to wander out of his home for more than 6 months. We heard that the school still checks his home on a daily basis.

Finally, we have a few words to the people mentioned in this article who assisted persecuting Li Mingwei: You should see the truth and stop your wrong doings immediately. Don't sacrifice you own life for Jiang Zemin.

Responsible units and individuals:

Anqiu Town Police Station, phone: (86) 536-4261426

Anqiu City Committee of the Youth League, phone: (86) 536-4221720

Secretary of the Youth League, Gao Huanzhi (he works at the "6.10" office)

Office of Anqiu Town government, phone: (86) 536-4221262

Office of the Anqiu Town Mayor, phone: (86) 536-4223385

Office of the Party of Anqiu Town, phone: (86) 536-4221261

Office of the Party Secretary of Anqiu Town, phone: (86) 536-4222261

Office of Anqiu City People's Hospital, phone: (86) 536-4261703

Office of the head of People's Hospital, phone: (86) 536-4262990

Office of Anqiu City Experimental Middle School: (86) 536-4262354

School Principal's office phone: (86) 536-4261354

Office of Anqiu City Education Committee, phone: (86) 536-4221024, (86) 536-42211024

Office of the head of the Anqiu City Education Committee, phone: (86) 536-4221346

Xia Fangjin, the Principal of Anqiu City Experimental Middle School, phone: (86) 536-4210668 (home)

Sun Xifu, the Deputy Principle of Anqiu City Experimental Middle School, phone: (86) 536-4267350 (home)

Jiang Dongbo, Chief of Politics Education Section of Anqiu City Experimental Middle School, phone: (86) 536-4260279 (home)

Family Planning Office (birth control) of Anqiu Town, phone: (86) 536-4261284 (Director: Song Baojie)

Office of the Party's School (Brainwashing Class) of Anqiu City, phone: (86) 536-4261159

November 18, 2001