Sometimes, when everyday people do negative things to Dafa, the thought of them being evil creeps into my mind. Later, I realized that this was an omission that could be easily taken advantage of by the evil forces. As the evil forces control sentient beings to resist the righteous Fa, their goal is to destroy all sentient beings and to sabotage the Fa rectification. What practitioners are doing is assisting Teacher to save all sentient beings.

When a person resists the righteous Fa out of ignorance or because he is being controlled by evil forces, his life is most pitiful. Of course, this doesn't include those who are truly evil in their hearts. When we don't try to save an everyday person who has created karma out of ignorance, aren't the evil forces using us? I believe that Teacher's giving those practitioners who went down the wrong path another chance out of his compassion and cherishing of all lives indicates that every savable life is given a chance to be saved.

Destroying lives is the purpose and desire of the evil. The process of saving a life is the same as that of eradicating an evil. When every savable life has been saved, evil will be eradicated in the human world, and the new era will begin.

These are just my personal thoughts. Kindly let me know if there is anything inappropriate.