(Minghui.org) Since May of this year, Dafa disciples all around the world have used righteous thoughts to effectively clean out the various dimensions within the Three Realms. The evil's network of influence has already been destroyed almost to the point of extinction. They used to arrogantly flaunt their power, but now they are just barely hanging on. Although Mainland China's 6-10 system, the labor camps and brainwashing classes in certain regions, and some Chinese embassies and consulates located overseas are still continuing to engage in the vicious persecution and slander of Dafa, this final irrational display by the specific gang of political hoodlums in the human realm is just a further exposure of their evil nature. This kind of performance can only continue to allow more people in the world to see the truth and allow more cultivators to progress towards Consummation. What it will bring to the evil people themselves can only be even more severe punishment and their utter destruction.

At present, the most important mission of all Dafa disciples is Fa-rectification, and the crux of Fa-rectification is clarifying the truth. No matter what kind of environment one is in, each and every Dafa disciple has the responsibility to clarify the truth to the circle of people around him or her. Dafa disciples' clarification of the truth under the guidance of powerful righteous thoughts has a vitally important effect in the midst of Fa-rectification because lies, slander, and blocking the truth is the foundation upon which the evil relies in order to remain in existence. Any beings in which righteous thoughts still exist, no matter how they have been deceived by the lies and however stubborn they may seem, upon realizing the truth, their spirits will be stunned and their physical fields will even undergo a change in their very nature. It is billions of these kinds of changes that are cleaning out the environment that the evil forces rely on to exist. The Dafa disciples' elimination of the evil is to protect the people of the world and sentient beings. The clarification of the truth is saving sentient beings, because after the evil substances that control and interfere with humankind have been cleared away, the people who have understood the truth and thus become awakened will again establish righteous thoughts. They will oppose the evil, protect Dafa disciples, and help convey the truth within the range of their abilities and thereby establish a foundation for their own wonderful future.

The main body of Dafa disciples is in Mainland China. Many people of good inborn quality gathered through reincarnation in Mainland China and the damage by the evil is concentrated in Mainland China. Thus, to clarify the truth to Chinese people more comprehensively, and in a deeper, and more refined way concerns the whole picture of the progress of Fa-rectification, concerns the future of the new cosmos and the future of the new humankind, and it is currently the primary Fa-rectification mission of Dafa disciples. This is a task of the greatest urgency and not a moment is to be lost.

In the course of this great, solemn Fa-rectification, the various nationalities and ethnic groups that make up Dafa disciples both in China and abroad are one body and in the bigger picture of Fa-rectification, they each have their vital and indispensable effect. At present, we need to more fully utilize the advantages of each person's personal and external conditions. Through various different kinds of avenues (especially the widespread exchange of information, business activities, cultural exchange, economic cooperation, tourism and interaction, media distribution, community groups and associations, and social networks that already exist), and various kinds of methods (such as radio, television, audio recording, videotaping, newspapers and journals, magazines, telephones, faxes, letters, email, information on the internet, forums, banners, flyers, advertising, etc.), we need to steadfastly, dauntlessly, rationally, and wisely find ways to bring the truth to as many people as possible (including individuals, groups, social associations, government administration departments, and the families, friends, classmates, colleagues, and neighbors of Dafa disciples). We need to help people to clearly understand the truth, see through the lies, and shake off the influence and control of the evil such that the respect for Dafa and the admiration for the lofty realm of Truth, Benevolence, Forbearance arises from the depths of their hearts.

The process of Fa-rectification is rapidly forging forward at a speed that cannot be described using human language. During this precious final phase, let our Dafa disciples both inside and outside China join forces as though with one mind. Do not wait and do not rely upon others. Grab hold of every minute and every second. Explain the truth to even more Chinese people in a timely fashion and help them to take the most important and rarest opportunity of their lives. At the same time, through this process, we must understand the Fa from within the Fa at all times, cultivate inwards with the Fa as the teacher, constantly correct all ordinary human notions and warped thinking that resides in our minds, and use righteous thoughts to get rid of external interference. Let us truly step out of humanness, cultivate to a great and righteous enlightenment that is compassionate and wise, to a state of no selfishness and no self, first considering others and later ourselves. Let us create more wonders for the future so that the history of Fa rectification will be even more magnificent and glorious.


October 31, 2001