(Clearwisdom.net) In February 2001, Director Zhuang of Tuanhe Labor Camp, who is also in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, instigated Team 2 (a team of people who used to practice Falun Gong, but enlightened along an evil path and now work to brainwash practitioners) of the Labor Camp to brutally torture six determined Dafa practitioners on the 2nd floor. These conspirators of Team 2 secretly concocted a plan. They would only beat practitioners on body parts where the beating would be difficult to detect such as their backs, palms, and the arches of their feet.

These vicious beings tied a Dafa practitioner's legs to a small iron ladder, forced him to bend down and then pressed his face toward his legs. They also gagged a practitioner's mouth with rags, and tied his hands to his back. They then forced him into a space underneath a bed that is less than 40 centimeters high. Only his feet remained outside that tiny space. They then tied his feet to a campstool, took off his shoes and socks, and struck the arches of his feet with a plastic shoe sole until his feet turned blue.

The cruel collaborators were afraid that people might hear the sounds of the brutal beatings and the practitioners' cries, so they closed the windows tightly and turned up the volume on the TV. Han Junqing, an evil being, sang songs and shouted while he was beating the practitioners. Dafa practitioners' heart breaking cries could still be heard, however. Upstairs, downstairs and outside of the tall walls, people of other teams were all asking, "What is going on downstairs?"

When the Dafa practitioners passed out, the vicious beings pulled them out from underneath the bed, poured cold water on them to wake them up, and then threw them onto the bed. Some practitioners were left underneath the bed for several days and nights. Lu Changjun, a Dafa practitioner from Suihua District, Heilongjiang Province, was paralyzed because his lumbar vertebra was broken as a result of the brutal torture. To hide their crimes, Director Zhuang, Supervisor Jiang of Team 2, and Associate Supervisor Ni of Team 2 coerced others to lie. They asked everyone to say that Lu Changjun broke his back because he fell down while he was mopping the floor.

The six practitioners are Wei Rutan, Chen Gang, Duan Bingchen, Hu Chang-an, Cui Xiangjun, and Lu Changjun. The collaborators who participated in the torture are Wang Kai, Ma Yuehui, Huang Wensheng, the Capital Steel Plant's Jia Qishu, Fangshan's Han Junqing, Zhang Wenlong and Guo Jianxin.

News of Some Dafa Practitioners in Tuanhe Labor Camp at Daxing, Beijing

1. Wang Yanfang: Sent to the labor camp twice. She was very determined in her righteous thoughts and refused to give in when she was electrically shocked by the evil using 8 batons.

2. Wei Rutan: Rebuked twice and brutally beaten once, Wei Rutan remains faithful and unyielding, though some newspapers and magazines cooked up a story about him.

3. He Jinlin: Now locked up separately in a single cell, Jinlin suffered cruel persecution and violent beatings after he had been transferred from the 2nd team in Beijing.

4. Yang Shuqiang: Continual beatings caused him to lose his hearing.

5. Wu Jun: Tied to a bed and brutally tortured in Tuanhe training team yard, Wu Jun is allowed to sleep only two hours a day and is watched by 8 people. His legs are blue due to the beatings.

6. Zhao Ming: His imprisonment has been extended for ten more months because he is very determined in his belief. Zhao Ming suffers cruel persecution and is now locked in Team 3 of Tuanhe Labor Camp.

7. Li Chunyuan (Masters degree, instructor at the Philosophy Department of National Minority University): Sent to the Labor Camp to do forced labor for a year because he tried to sue Jiang Zemin. Li Chunyuan is not allowed to sleep until 1 or 2 a.m. and is forced to get up at 6 a.m. to clean toilets and mop the floors.