On October 27, 2001, Saturday, Cambridge Falun Dafa Promotion Month started and UK Falun Dafa practitioners spread Dafa on the square in front of the City Hall of Cambridge City. Dafa music Pudu being played aroused passers-by's interests. The first person to ask what we were doing was a famous professor from the Department of Engineering in Cambridge University. He was pleased to take Dafa materials and said he would read them carefully. In the first day, nearly one thousand pieces of Dafa materials were distributed.

On November 3, 2001, the second Saturday of Cambridge Falun Dafa Promotion Month, the practitioners introduced Dafa in front of the main building of King's College. The building is regarded as a symbol of Cambridge University. It is located in downtown of the city and is also one of the most popular sites for tourists. Many faculty and students pass by daily. After we hung the banners of "Falun Dafa" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", a few passers-by asked for Dafa materials while we were setting up an exhibition table. Their expression of finding something that they had waited for so long made me feel there would be miracle in the following activity.

Several practitioners practiced the fifth set of the exercises following the exercise music. Many passers-by and tourists nearby stopped walking and speaking. More and more people gathered and the busy street became quiet. People were attracted by the wonderful music and the exercise demo.

An elderly man told me that the nice music made him feel peaceful. A young man stepped forward to inquire if we sold the music cassette. A few youngsters watching quietly at the beginning stepped forward to follow the hand gestures. A young student sat down in front of the table and read the Dafa books on exhibition one by one. A woman talked to us on the previous Saturday came to us and wanted to sign the appeal letter. A middle-aged woman said, "It is unfair for such a good practice to be persecuted in China. Our UK government should offer you more support." A couple signed the appealing letter and encouraged us to continue our efforts and never back off.

A police officer from Cambridge Police Department came to us and said, "Please extend my greetings to the practitioner who used to be here and is persecuted in China. Your demonstration is peaceful. Please contact us if there is any disturbance or trouble. We'll protect you." It is well known that Cambridge University is one of the birthplaces of modern science. There are many famous scientists and scholars here. During the day, many of them came to request Dafa information. Six practitioners were busy in distributing Dafa materials. There were always people coming to talk to us or view the posters. Over 2000 pieces of Dafa literature in English and a few hundred pieces in Chinese were distributed. As a result, many people became to know Dafa.