(Minghui.org) With the expansion of truth clarification activities by Dafa disciples around the world and the increased attention from society in general, a large number of new readers are visiting the Minghui website every day. To help new readers get familiar with basic facts about Falun Gong and the key points, we have made rather extensive adjustment to the content of the Minghui package website:


The original Minghui package website has retained its structure and will continue to be updated, such that categorized materials will remain complete. The catalog and content of the new package website is pending addition, adjustment, and improvement.

We hope that readers, especially disciples inside and outside of China, will provide timely feedback and help. Let us do a good job in organizing and adding materials, and let it play the role it should play in “clarifying the truth.”

Thank you!

Minghui Package Website Department

October 7, 2001

Published October 8, 2001

Updated January 2, 2005