Letter from U.K. Liberal Democrats Parliamentary candidate Jeremy Wilcock

24th May 2001

Dear Mr XXX,

Thank you for your letter of 18th May, which I have read with interest and great sympathy.

A fundamental precept of Liberal Democrat philosophy is our belief in the absolute right of the individual to say, do and think as they please, provided no other living being nor the environment suffer as the result of such individual liberty. Consequently we oppose all breaches of human rights, and we find state-sponsored oppression totally unacceptable.

I believe your practitioners should be free to pursue their beliefs without interference. If elected, I would exhort the Government to make the respect for human rights and the freedom to worship a key consideration in any overseas aid or trade discussions. With regard to the Chinese, I believe quiet diplomacy would be most effective, especially if it can be explained to them that they have nothing to fear from Falun Gong.

As a final resort, I would call for the downgrading of diplomatic contact and the suspension of aid or credits to governments, which persisted, in persecuting members of their own community.

If you have any further points you wish to make, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, may I wish you well in your campaign to draw this abuse of human rights to the public attention.

Kind regards,

Jeremry Wilcock

Letter from John Wilkinson member of House of Commons

10 May 2001

Dear Mr. XXX,

Thank you for your letter of 28 April about the Falun Gong.

I believe that the Government of The People's Republic of China has behaved disgracefully in discriminating against and in some instances persecuting practitioners of Falun Gong.

I have already protested to the Ambassador of The People's Republic of China about this and I think that the British Government has been far too uncritical of the Communist Chinese Government about this.

I shall continue to support the practitioners of Falun Gong in The People's Republic of China. It is a matter of fundamental human rights.

Yours sincerely,

John Wilkinson

Letter from Member of European Parliament Ian Hudghton

10 September 2001

Dear Mr XXX,

Many thanks for your letter dated 24 August and for letting me know about the important work your association does. Your efforts to protect the rights of Falun Gong practitioners is very worthwhile, gaining particular strength by drawing together the peoples of Europe to end this injustice.

Please be assured of my support for your aims. Indeed, earlier this year I sent a letter to the Nobel Committee backing the nomination of Li Hongzhi for the Nobel Peace Prize, and await their decision next month with interest.

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns. As a member of the European Parliament, I will continue to do all I can to put an end to human rights violations, wherever they occur in the World.

Yours sincerely,

Lan Hudghton MEP

Letter from Dr. Stephen J Ladyman Member of Parliament in House of Commons

12th May 2001

Dear Mr. XXX,

Thank you for your letter of the 28th April. I do of course support the need to protect Falun Gong practitioners and to ensure their human rights. I have signed Early Day Motions to this effect in the House of Commons.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. S. J. Ladyman MP