[Clearwisdom.net] My name is Zheng Baohua, female, 22 years old, and a junior student of Education College of the Northern China Oil-field [Hebei Province]. Because of my strong belief in "Zhen-Shan-Ren" [Truthfulness, Compassion, and tolerance], I was illegally detained on March 5, 2000 by the Northern China Oil Field police. I was illegally sentenced on March 18, 2000 to one-year of forced labor in Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp No. 4 brigade.

A. Appeals Were not Allowed, Any Objection to the Labor Transformation Would Lead to a Beating - Where Is the Justice?

I believed that I was illegally sentenced to the forced labor and that participating in working and wearing a prisoner's clothes would disgrace the innocence of Falun Dafa. Once I was taken to the labor camp, I immediately told team leader Zhi, who was in charge of the labor, that I would refuse to work. Team leader Zhi treat it as as though I did not respect her and slapped my face more than 30 times with a plastic shoe. My face immediately became swollen and blood came out of my nose, staining the floor, my clothes, and my shoes. She kept beating me. A team leader of the No. 2 team Hao and prisoner-in-charge Li Jiemei compelled me to work but I refused. Li started to slap, kick, and curse at me. I wrote a letter reporting his conduct, but this letter was taken and torn up by team leader Ci. Ci also threatened me and said, "Do not make troubles." Wu Huiqing, Yang Qingfang, and all but one member of No. 2 team including Yi Zengyan, Wang Daling, Liu Caihua, and Wang Jinmei refused to wear prisoner's clothes. Wang and Yi were tied up and forced to put on the prisoner clothes. I was also tied up twice. The first time they said I was not tied tight enough so they loosened the rope and tied me up again. On the second time, two strong males, leader Geng Xingjun and a department chief Chen, tied me up so tightly that my two arms were still numb even ten minutes after they removed the rope. Blood was everywhere on my body. I reported this torture by the team leaders and common prisoners to the camp leaders, but nobody even took a look at nor paid any attention to my report. Perhaps, they all had a guilty conscience. When the high-level leaders came, they would lock us up to prevent us from seeing them. Wang Xincai once stopped the high-level leaders several times to appeal. She was beaten by the team leaders each time. The high-level leaders showed no interests in her appeals. The team leaders felt even more unbridled. They threatened that if we appealed and reported them again, they would beat us again. We were also vilified as "troublemakers."

B. A Common Prisoner was Terrified, Became Ill and Received Three Days' Intravenous Fluids After She Saw How Cruelly We were Tortured for Refusing to Work

To continue to appeal for justice and reinstate the innocence of Falun Dafa, more than 50 Dafa practitioners refused to cooperate with the inhumane 'labor transformation education' on March 13, 2000. The team leaders punished us by ordering us to stand against a wall and walk in formation. Later we were ordered to practice marching, jogging, and synchronized walking every day. If we could not walk to their satisfaction, team leader Geng would curse and yell, and common prisoner Wu Fang would curse and beat us. This continued for 45 days. During this period, we studied the Fa and practiced the Falun Gong exercises three or four times. Each time we practiced, the team leaders and the common prisoners would come in droves. They grabbed us wherever they could grip our bodies, then violently beat, kicked, slapped, and stomped on us to drive us apart. After this, they would try to find out who led the study or practice. We were pushed to the office one by one and were beaten with rubber sticks, stun batons, leather belts, or were tied up with a thin rope. We also suffered many other cruel tortures. The male team leaders Geng Xingjun, Chen, and Zhou and female team leaders Hao, Ci, Wang, Li Weizhen and others participated in the beatings personally. Among them, Geng, Chen, and Zhou were particularly cruel. Practitioners Wang Daling, Yi Zengyan, and Wang Jinmei were each beaten more than 30 times by sticks; their painful mourns were extremely terrifying. After the beating was finished, their buttocks became dark purple and were heavily bruised and lacerated. They felt dizzy and nauseated and could not move at all. In the end, some common prisoners carried them out. Peng Rongfang was beaten twice with more than 10 blows during each beating. However, she was still forced to walk in formation or stand against the wall. Yang Qingfang, who was over 50 years old, was beaten 6-7 times by a baton. The beating was not stopped until she could not hold her standing position; she stumbled and fell to the ground. Because of having been tied up, Liu Juhua developed heart disease and high blood pressure.

Team leader Geng punched me so hard that a blood spot as big as a soybean appeared on my left eye. The spot did not disappear even after one week. I felt like my eyes were coming out. How terrible it was! Once after department chief Chen slapped me four times with a leather belt and team leader Geng beat me six times with a baton, I could not hold my standing position and I swayed back and forth and almost lost consciousness. Even so, leader Geng still stomped my feet with his hard leather shoes and slapped me many times. Leader Hao oftentimes cursed at and punched practitioners with her fists. When she beat Guo Xin, she let common prisoner Ma Yulian watch. Ma was so terrified that she became ill and had to receive intravenous fluids for 3 days. Guo Liyun and Qiao Yunxia, after being beaten, could not walk normally and had to limp around. The common prisoners who watched the beatings were all shocked to tears. The tortures went on and on. They would even not let go of an old lady with high blood pressure and heart disease, and they threatened her with extremely vicious means. She behaved herself well, and even so one leader yelled at her that "you go to die! you go to die!" Although Liu Caihua had a heart problem, leader Geng came to harass her almost every day.

Even when we were so brutally tortured, they still forced us to continue to walk in formation or stand by the wall. We could not get any rest. All Dafa practitioners stood up firmly and bravely. Facing everyday beating, there were always practitioners, who stepped forward and bravely faced the evil, shouting loudly: do not beat people! Li Na was beaten to the ground because of this; she painfully rolled on the ground and groaned in agony. Even so, they still used charged batons to shock her hands, took her pants off and beat her with only her briefs on, etc. Bai Lili immediately wrote an appeal letter after she came to the camp. However, they never turned in her appeal letter to the higher level. Once she tried to stop the evil and shouted, "It is illegal to beat people!" she was tied up and slapped. She was also beaten and tied up because she refused the labor transformation. She once lost consciousness after leader Geng slapped her 3 times. After she woke up, the beating resumed.

C. Endure the Hardships to Appeal for Justice and Resist the Evils With Our Lives

  1. The common prisoners behaved crazily under the orders of the vicious guards
  2. The practitioners unyieldingly refused the to perform their illegal sentence of hard labor, and police had run out of tortures to employ. So, on April 28, 2000, over 50 practitioners started to hold a hunger strike. On the third day, the labor camp started to force-feed them. More than a dozen labor camp officers including team leaders Geng, Zhou, and Hao, department chief Chen, party commissar Wang, the prisoner-in-charge, and chief team leader Shang Changming gathered and to discuss alternate methods of 'transformation'. Later they tried to deceive us into drinking some milk with salt. Whoever refused to drink it would be force-fed. When they tried to force-feed me, I said, "If you force-feed me, I would rather die. I am very healthy and you are doing harm to me. I rather die than cooperate with you!" In the end they did force-feed me. I felt extreme discomfort and threw up everything. I resisted with my life. When I tried to hit my head against the wall, I was held back and could not move. Leader Geng yelled that if I vomited again, they would feed me with ten more bottles. Zhou and Geng threatened me by waving leather belts. They forcefully handcuffed me on the ground and made me spend the night there. They also assigned two people to watch me.

    On May 1, eighteen practitioners including myself were transferred secretly to the No. 3 brigade. We felt that we should not cooperate with them during any time. We immediately started to study the Fa and practice the exercises after we got to No. 3 brigade. Practitioners in the other three cells also started to practice. Because of this, eighteen practitioners including Bai Lili, Wang Daling, Lu Zhanping, Qiao Yunxia, Guo Liyun, Fan Lixin, Zhang Rongjie, Zhang Hua-e, Liu Juhua, Lu Ran, Chan Shuhua, and me were beaten and cursed. For several days after we were transferred, we were all on hunger strike and we studied the Fa and practiced the exercises everyday. Even though we all refused to eat, the team leader and common prisoners beat us violently as usual without considering our well-being. Female prisoners Li Lianying, Duan Shuying, Bai Jie, Ji Yixia, Tang Weilan, Niu Junqin, etc. fiercely tortured anyone who they seen doing the practice. Because of my practicing, Duan Shuying smashed my head more than 30 times with her hammer-like fists. Blood spots as big as a soybean appeared on my left eye because of the beating and I could not see well and suffered tinnitus. When I reported this incident to chief team leaders Shang, Li Weizhen, party commissar Wang, etc., they not only showed no concern, but also said I was making trouble. When Bai Jie beat Bai Lili and me, she intentionally used her fists and feet to hit us on our chests, genitals, and lower bellies. They fiercely pinched and tweaked our breasts, genitals, and the soft sides of our arms and legs. As result, a big area of my breast and many areas on Bai Lili's lower belly, legs and arms became purple. They used a slat from a bunk bed to press and almost break our legs. They also beat me while sitting on my body; my pants and skirt were all torn.

    Prisoner Tang Weilan, who was a prostitute and homosexual, often made very wicked remarks. When she scratched the practitioners with her nails, bloody scratches were left. When she beat Zhang Rongjie and Guo Liyun, she held their hair and smashed their heads against each other. Tang Weilan also made very wicked and obscene gestures toward the practitioners. She was removed from the prisoner-in-charge position only after the strong protests of Bai Lili, Zhang Jierong, and Guo Liyun, who were driven beyond the limits of their forbearance. Common prisoner Liu Qingzhen, who was in charge of watching Wang Daling, used her hands to split practitioners' fingers. My two thumbs, after being bent and injured, looked like carrots. She also did the same to Bai Lili. When we went to practice in the hallway, the common prisoners tried to pull us inside by grabbing our hair and slapped us violently with shoes. In the labor camp, we had to go to the toilet one roomful at a time. However, no matter how urgent we had to go, we still had to wait. If we could not hold, we had to pass stool or urinate in our pants. Once Bai Lili could not hold any longer and passed stool in her pants. Bai Lili filed a report on the violation of human rights but was ignored. There was an unwritten rule: the common prisoners who beat practitioners fiercely would be rewarded with shortened prison terms. Therefore, the common prisoners became even more relentless in beating and persecuting Dafa practitioners. Duan Shuying, Tang Weilan, Zhang Xiaoli, Bai Jie, etc. were all rewarded with shortened prison terms.

  3. In No. 3 brigade, we were hung from our handcuffs for 11 days while we were on hunger strike and I was almost beaten to death three times
  4. There were many male team leaders in No. 3 brigade. They beat practitioners more violently. When leader Liu slapped you, you could barely hold your feet. He would beat you on your head so hard that you would not know the directions. He would hit you anywhere at his will. Once he slapped me and my left eye became swollen for several days. We were cuffed to window bars, heating pipes, and chair legs. We were forced to stand or squat but not allowed to sit; sitting down would lead to being kicked. Practitioners Wang Xincai, Guo Liyun, Wang Daling, Fan Lixin, Zhu Hong, and I, etc. were held this way for over one day. Wang Xincai was held for 36 hours and was not allowed to eat, sleep or sit down. When they did not have enough handcuffs, they would go upstairs to borrow more. We were cuffed with both hands over our heads. After a short time, we felt dizzy and nauseated, and could hardly breath. Fan Lixin, Zhu Hong, Bai Lili, and I sweated profusely and almost lost consciousness. This torture happened while we were still on hunger strike. They handcuffed Bai Lili this way for 11 days; she was on hunger strike for 5 days. They cuffed me for 7 days and I was on hunger strike for 6 days. They cuffed Wang Xincai for 5 days and she was on hunger strike for 5 days. This went on and on. When I was cuffed, leader Liu pinched my shoulder violently and yelled: "Let you practice! Let you practice! Let's see how you practice!" I tried to spread Dafa to him out of my goodwill. He did not listen and beat me instead. He pointed to the cuffs on my hands and said, "This is the law!" He cuffed my hands to the third level of the handrails and I had to stand tiptoe to reach that height. Female department chief Li Weizhen did not allow me to step on the heating pipes. Zhu Hong and Wang Xincai also had to stand on tiptoes. Guo Liyun could not reach that height even when she was on her tiptoes....

    When we were on the hunger strike, the leaders would violently force-feed us. Bai Lili, after 8 days of hunger strike, was taken away by leader Geng and department chief Li Weizhen for force-feeding. Without being asked or listened to, Zhang Rongjie, who had resumed eating, was also taken away for force-feeding. In the end, they broke one of her false teeth but failed to feed her any food. Even though I had my breakfast, I was also force-fed. During the force-feeding, the tube came out of my mouth 7-8 times. As the result, I threw up all the porridge that I had in the morning and also a lot of blood, which splattered all over the bodies and hands of common prisoners Song Xiaojie, Bai Jie, Tang Weilan, and leader Geng while they were holding me down. The common prisoners ran away and leader Geng scolded me for driving them away. However, leader Geng said that no matter what would happen, the force-feeding had to be done that day. He covered my nose and pushed the tube into my trachea 3 times, and made me lose consciousness three times. Because of suffocation I could not breathe and my face became purple. Even so, an unfeeling, black-hearted doctor there said I was pretending.

  5. Things completely changed after we acted in accord with the Fa and endured what was unendurable

Once we all recited the poems [in Master Li's poem book of Hong Yin] for a whole day. Bai Lili and Wang Daling were handcuffed in the leaders' office. Wang Xincai and I were cuffed to bed rails in our room. When we started to recite the poems in unison, the persons in charge rushed in and started to kick and beat us relentless. Even so, we kept reciting. Once they found they could not stop us, they went away to plot their countermeasures. After a while, they came in and started to beat us again. After they had come and gone this way 4 or 5 times, we still did not give in and kept reciting. On the other side, Bai Lili and Wang Daling suffered even more. They were beaten badly by common prisoners Ji Yixia, Zhang Xiaomei, Tang Weilan, Bai Jie, etc. The common prisoners smeared toothpaste all over the faces and heads of the two practitioners. Ji Yixia frenziedly stuffed the practitioners' mouths with used tissue papers stained with phlegm and also threatened that she would put sanitary napkins with blood into their mouths. All these tortures could not force us to give in. Later leader Geng rushed in. We did not stop reciting no matter whatever he cursed at us and however hard he beat us. He pinched Bai Lili's mouth. When he saw they could not stop us, he simply stopped and left us reciting the poems. He angrily ordered us to recite loudly, not to stop and the practitioners in all rooms to recite. The righteous force was indestructible and the evil failed again.

When they hit us, we would speak loudly, "Don't beat people! Beating is illegal!" Leader Geng slapped Zhang Rongjie one time, and Zhang said, "Stop beating." Geng slapped once more and Zhang said, "Beating people is illegal." When leader Geng made the third slap, Zheng said, "You intentionally violated the law." Leader Geng stopped and left the scene with a gloomy face. As long as we let Dafa always occupy our minds and safeguard the justice in the human world and the universe's principles, the evil will have no place to stay!

We kept practicing no mater how hard the vicious guard Zhao Zhiqiang, team leaders Liu and Nie beat us. When we fell, we would stand up and continue to practice. In the end, they gave up and did not stop us anymore. "If a cultivator can let go of the thought of life and death under any circumstances, evil is bound to be afraid of him. If every practitioner is able to do this, evil will of itself no longer exist." [Mater Li's article, Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)].

On July 3, we were transferred back to No. 4 brigade.

D. After We Went Back to No. 4 Brigade, Vicious Guards and Common Prisoners Relentlessly Tortured Us and Even Government Secret Agents Also Came

We kept studying and practicing day and night. We kept refusing the labor transformation. The common prisoners still continued their persecution of practitioners. The team leaders not only did not stop their brutality towards the Dafa practitioners, they also taught the common prisoners how to pinch and tweak the practitioners and how to inflict extreme pain without leaving marks. They often acted in collaboration with the common prisoners in torturing the Falun Dafa practitioners who follow the principle of "Zhen-Shan-Ren." After Tang Weilan tore Master Li's Jingwen [articles], we started to recite the poems in Hong Yin for over ten hours. Because of this, they beat us. Tang Weilan sat on Zhang Rongjie's body and hit her on her head. Common prisoner Ma Yulian smashed Bai Lili's head violently against the wall. Ma pretended to use a towel to wipe Bai's face. But when Ma took the towel near Bai's nose, she suddenly fiercely covered Bai's whole face to suffocate her. Ma slapped Wu Huiqing's face and made her face become purple. Ma also came up an insidious way of torturing practitioners: she let common prisoners Ji Yixia, Fu Xiufang, Tang Weilan, and Li Lanying, etc. put hot pepper powder into the eyes and mouths of four practitioners Zhang Rongjie, Zhang Suxia, Guo Liyun, and Qiao Yunxia, who thus suffered unspeakable agony. Leader Zhi turned a blind eye to all the torture. Tang Weilan used her fingernails to scratch Bai Lili on her neck, arms and legs, and made these areas filled with scratch marks. When Tang strangled Bai Lili, Bai's face became purple. The team leader pretended to hear nothing and did nothing.

Practitioner Liu Peishan was handicapped and has an artificial limb. She was also put into the labor camp by those inhumane people. The common prisoners did not allow her to use the toilet and she had to relieve herself beside a ditch. When she was called into the office, the leaders intentionally kicked her her legs and caused her to fall. After she got up, they kicked her again.... When we recited the poems in Hong Yin, Niu Junqin came and used a towel to cover my mouth more than ten times, although each time I managed to take the towel down. She did not stop there. She sat on my body and strangled my neck and hit my waist and back. It was extremely painful. Later I was cuffed alone in the office, and team leaders Hao, big Wang, and little Wang, etc. asked Niu Junqing to cover my mouth and eyes and then beat me. Leader little Wang also kicked me. Even so, I still kept reciting and did not stop. Niu Junqin became exasperated and she beat me fiercely and made me fall to the ground. She stepped on one of my legs and used her hands to stretch out my other leg, and I was almost split. Once practitioners Yi Zengyan, Bai Lili, and Liu Caihua, etc. went to the toilet, the common prisoners thought we were going to do practice and rushed up and started beating us. Bai Lili was beaten so hard by Tang Weilan that Bai had to run around the whole courtyard to escape the beating. Niu Junqin tortured me fiercely and also bit me twice on my back, causing blood to come out. Ma Yulian and Tang Fenglan hit me on my nose and made it bleed. The blood went all over the floor, walls and clothes. They also tore off patches of my clothes. At that time, my face was full of blood. Many common prisoners were terrified. We shouted, "They are beating us for no reason, and they want to beat us to death!" No body came to intervene. In the end, Bai Lili and I were cuffed. Bai Lili was cuffed for 7 days and I was cuffed for 4 days.

All the leaders in No. 4 brigade were corrupt. My boots that had been placed in leader Ci's office were stolen. All common prisoners said that it was common prisoner Li Lijuan who stole them. However Li did not admit it. I had no other choice but to tell leader Hao. I never got my boots back. Leader Ci took prisoners' money but intentionally did not give back the vouchers that could be used in the prison since she wanted to get bribes from others. The small labor camp store never gave back any change and everything in the store was very expensive. Luo Zhihui once asked leader Shao to buy 10 Yuan of peanut. However, what Luo got was less than what one would receive for 5 Yuan. Luo did not see any of the Kangshifu instant noodles that her family asked leader Li Zhenping to bring to her. Leader Li would not write down the amount of the money she got from others. Leader Shao was also greedy. Once Bai Lili gave Shao a lot of money and asked her to buy some daily necessities. Shao spent all the money for herself and did not buy anything for Bai. When Bai Lili asked her, she just gave Bai one tube of toothpaste.

Huang Feng was released from the labor camp on August 25. To confuse the practitioners, leader Li Zhenping said that the 'transformed' practitioner Huang Feng said, before she left, that "She has reached Consummation." Li also intentionally told Yang Qing this so that she would unknowingly spread this rumor to deceive other practitioners. The camp leaders also invited four persons including Li Shaohua from Beijing to do the so-called "speaking by experience" seminars. They also tried the so-called "one team leader helping one practitioner" to coercively transform the practitioners. In early September 2000, one secret agent Lu Rong [who pretended to be a practitioner] came to the labor camp from Handan City [Hebei Province]. She started to use mean ways to lure and deceive us on the second day after she arrived. She took a lead in writing "four letters" [repentance statements] and also claimed that Master Li hinted to her to come and help our practitioners get out. Because we did not study the Fa diligently, had strong attachments, and did not want to endure the sufferings any longer, we let the evil make a breach. We did not give in when we faced the tough tortures, however, we fell down in front of these soft tactics. It was really "Every pass must be passed, Everywhere are demons" [Sentences from Mater Li's poem of "Tempering One's Mind and Heart" in Hong Yin]. I and five other practitioners were deceived and lured to the opposite side of Dafa and did something unforgivable: we took away all the Dafa books in the labor camp, did some work to transform others, and brought about serious damage to Dafa. Team leader Li Zhenping and common prisoner Ma Yulian took this opportunity to force five other transformed practitioners and me to report their achievements to higher government leaders in order to bring them rewards. I became awakened to the issue one month after I came out the labor lamp. Master Li is still trying to enlighten me and he is very merciful to me. I really do not know how to face Master Li and all the genuine practitioners.

E. Wake up and Double My Efforts to Catch Up

I am awakened now. I will try my best to expose and suffocate the evil. I wholeheartedly tell genuine practitioners and kindhearted people the truth: do not go to the opposite side of Dafa. I feel deep regrets for what I did. I will try my best to make up for the loss, no matter how little it may be. I truly hope you do not follow my steps and that you firmly cultivate until the end. We should take the Fa as the Master, do not let our benevolent and great Master feel sad for us, and live up to the last chance that our great Master has given to us. Come out to validate Dafa and suffocate the evil!

December 2000