What are we Dafa practitioners actually protecting when we safeguard Falun Dafa? Why do we need to safeguard this Fa that is of such immeasurable, mighty virtue? Our teacher has made a noble wish and opened a wide door, coming down to the human world to save people. Besides our own cultivation, we Dafa practitioners in this human world also have an important responsibility to help our teacher spread Falun Dafa. If it were not for his compassion towards humankind, our teacher would not have to come down to the human world to spread Falun Dafa and Dafa would not have been slandered and stigmatized in the human world. The degree of humanity's corruption is humanity's own problem, and it does not harm Dafa in the slightest. The enlightened beings could have destroyed the space of this dimension and recreated a new one as they did before, and then there would not have been a need for us to safeguard Dafa. Because Falun Dafa is spreading in the human world, practitioners of this dimension must safeguard and spread the Fa in this dimension.

Our teacher spreads Falun Dafa to save people, and we safeguard Falun Dafa to assist our teacher in saving people. The slandering and misunderstanding of Falun Dafa have caused a big obstacle for predestined people to obtain Falun Dafa. We should take our own actions to clarify facts and eliminate misunderstandings, which will clear away obstacles for people to obtain Falun Dafa. Speaking more broadly, at present, safeguarding Falun Dafa is telling the entire society the truth about Falun Dafa and the truth of the persecution of practitioners in China. This will help people from all over the world gain an understanding and give support to Falun Dafa and the practitioners in China. It will also create a suitable and reasonable environment for people of various predestined relationships to know, understand and cultivate Falun Dafa. In other words, safeguarding Falun Dafa would be a true success if what we are doing today could enable the predestined people to truly understand, learn and practice Falun Dafa. And if it could enable kindhearted people in the world to be aware of Falun Dafa and establish a predestined relationship with it, and if it could compel all bad people to admire the goodness of Falun Dafa from their hearts. At that time Falun Dafa will have gained popularity in the human world and the evil's attempt to sabotage Falun Dafa will have failed.

The slandering and misunderstanding that Falun Dafa has suffered in the human world is like a pile of hard ice that blocks the spread of Falun Dafa. The practitioners who have shown up in Tiananmen Square to actively appeal for Falun Dafa are like people holding a torch while climbing an icy mountain. They have demonstrated to humankind the determination and courage of Falun Dafa practitioners when safeguarding the Fa. But to completely melt this huge pile of ice, it is necessary for more and more practitioners to contribute their light and energy at every corner of this icy mountain. To use all different forms: Tiananmen, any parks of Beijing, streets and alleys, work units, schools, the places people visit daily and during holidays, major cities, small towns, villages, inside and outside of China. One can use any means: appeals and petitions, studying and practicing Falun Dafa in groups, holding conferences, writing articles, distributing information materials, telling the truth and eliminating misunderstanding, starting from surrounding relatives and friends. In a word, any places where there are crowds, any activities that are good for revealing the truth of Falun Dafa to human beings can all become part of practitioners' safeguarding Falun Dafa. However small a drop of water is, it can soothe a human heart; hundreds of springs converge into a river, and thousands of rivers converge into the ocean. The peaceful scenes where tens of thousands of people approach Falun Dafa and tens of millions of people practice Falun Dafa will not be only in the past.

Here, I would like to say some words to those fellow practitioners who are practicing Falun Dafa at home. If you do not agree with the way some fellow practitioners safeguard Falun Dafa, then regard Dafa as the master and safeguard Dafa according to the principles that you have enlightened to from the Fa. Use any approach that you think proper. Even clarifying the facts to and eliminating misunderstandings for those around you is also safeguarding Falun Dafa. With such a great Dafa, it is impossible for everybody to enlighten to things and to do things in the same way. Let us all regard the Fa as the teacher, act together, and contribute our willingness and energy to safeguard Falun Dafa, and make further advancement in our cultivation. Heshi,