More than 200 hundred practitioners gathered peacefully at the Chinese Embassy in Canberra (the Capital of Australia). There was a substantial turn out of the practitioners that attended ranged from a few days old to over 70 years old. The day was cold and very windy, but sunny most of the time.

As the Australian practitioners meditated at the early morning, various members of the press arrived - Reuters, AAP, Channel 9, 7, 10, ABC and SBS were also present. Local newspapers, and national newspapers also took photographs and had interviews with practitioners.

There was a Walk from the city centre to the Chinese Embassy appeared on all the main TV channels in Canberra on the evening of the 20 July 2000. Comments regarding the tortures in China were mentioned, as well as commending practitioners on their resilient approach to the weather and their beliefs.

The Candlelight Vigil had a good turnout, despite freezing conditions practitioners were quietly reading or doing the meditation. The environment was serene and quiet.

Throughout the day, radio reports also took place on the ABC. Coverage was quite broad in the Australian media. The Hong Fa activities lately have been drawing a positive awareness in the Australian public.

There is no doubt that whenever possible the serious human rights issues in China is mentioned in all circumstances. More and more Australians are becoming aware of the teachings of Falun Gong along with the tragedy of the innocent practitioners in China being constantly persecuted.

Australian Practitioners July 2000

a. Parade - at the Civic Center
b. Parade - at the Civic Center
c. Large-scale practice
d. Information desk in the Canberra Center
e. Hongfa in China Town
f. Hongfa in China Town

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