July 25, 2000

Ever since the Minghui site was created, every time we reach a historically critical period, the site is viciously attacked. This was also the case on July 20th. Although every attack has brought another round of cultivation tribulations and improvement for everyone, it has also undeniably created many inconveniences in terms of the flow of information for the readership, those practitioners who submit articles, and those who work on Minghui.

To better overcome this interference, we sincerely hope that those overseas practitioners who have the conditions for doing so will coordinate with us based on the following methods:

1. We have set up a new editorial mailbox that is open to the general readership. Before the eng_editor@minghui.ca mailbox is restored, please send your articles to the new mailbox so that we can keep in contact.

The newly added English Minghui editorial mailbox is: eng-article@minghui.org.

2. If both these editorial mailboxes (eng_editor@minghui.ca and eng-article@minghui.org) have broken down, please send your articles to the various local Dafa Associations and ask those in charge at the Dafa Association to submit them on your behalf to the Minghui editors.

3. In order to adapt when a surprise attack occurs, readers are encouraged to write down the addresses of both the Minghui site and its mirror sites so that they can be substituted and used when a breakdown occurs.

The Minghui sites that have been announced thus far are:

minghui.ca English: minghui.ca/eng.html (main site);

minghui.org minghui.org/eng.html (mirror site);

minghui.cc minghui.cc/eng.html (mirror site); and

minghui.org/index_b5.html (a mirror site with Chinese traditional characters)

4. Create your own safe and reliable e-mail address lists. Periodically compress Minghui essays and documents into ZIP files and send them to the many readers in China and other regions where it is not convenient for them to access the Minghui site.

Thank you for your cooperation!