July 17, 2000


In the year 2000, everyone in the world is relieved that we have made it through many crises and have entered into yet another era. Of all the people in the world, who is capable of knowing why human beings are so fortunate. How many soothsayers have now lost their appeal? And yet it is our Master, who has enabled humankind to have this hope for survival, has been bearing the karma that was produced from the deterioration of humankind throughout the course of history.

Since July, 1999, the evil beings in the universe, taking advantage of this period of time when Dafa is being inspected in the human world, have been controlling those lives within the Three Realms that are about to be eliminated, and especially the dregs of humanity, to bring damage to Dafa and to Dafa disciples. Looking at its manifestation on a human level, it is the Chinese Communist Party that is inflicting damage on the Dafa with government action by mobilizing police, military troops, radio broadcast stations, television stations, diplomacy, and secret agents to spread their destruction far and wide. In actuality, it is those evil beings in the universe who, at the same time that they were using the dregs of humanity to inflict damage, were also pushing towards practitioners the karma that they had produced by damaging the Fa plus elements that were composed of evil. In the face of this kind of vicious and dangerous situation, Master gathered together all of this karma and the huge physical elements composed of evil. Master used his own body to bear them, and, at the same time, to destroy these huge evil elements. Because these evil beings had gathered such an enormous amount of karma and venomous elements, it took Master nine months to destroy it using his powerful energy potency. However, because the evil elements and the karma were so immense, they also caused serious damage to Master's body. Master's hair has turned gray; this is something we can see. As for the other harm that has been done to Master's body, Master doesn't mention it out of concern that it would cause his students to have hatred toward the evil beings and subsequently affect the students' cultivation. Such a compassionate and venerable Master -- in the course of rectification of the Fa, Master has exhausted everything for sentient beings.


Fellow cultivators, let us strive forward diligently and courageously. Let us cherish the repeated opportunities that Master, through tremendous sacrifice, has created for us to advance towards Consummation!

Cherish it, humankind. That humankind has made it to the year 2000 is not to give humankind prosperity, and even less is it to allow humankind to continue creating karma for their own selfish interests.