July 15, 2000

July 20th, 2000, the one-year anniversary of safeguarding the Fa, is approaching. At present, a special cosmic phenomenon is that, for every disciple both inside and outside of China, "clarifying the truth to people around the world" has become the most important task of "assisting teacher in the human world." It is now also the solemn historic moment when all genuine disciples are cultivating "towards Consummation." Therefore, Falun Dafa websites have become prominently important due to their critical role in spreading Dafa information widely.

At present, there is an urgent need for Dafa websites around the world to put forth a united effort to spread articles posted on Minghui Net more widely. This is to break through the Chinese government's blockades of the media and the Internet completely, as well as to expose the persecution of Dafa practitioners and spread the truth of Falun Dafa through Dafa websites.

The following are several important recommendations:

1. Falun Dafa practitioners in different regions of different countries are encouraged to make every possible effort to set up websites to spread Falun Dafa and, at the same time, strengthen the coordination among websites.

2. All Dafa websites are encouraged to promptly re-post more Minghui articles. Please indicate that the articles were originally posted on Minghui Net and include their posted dates so that readers can verify the articles on Minghui Net (http://minghui.ca) and the three official mirror sites announced on Minghui Net (e.g. http://minghui.org) when necessary. This will stop saboteurs from finding any loopholes to be exploited for interference.

3. All Dafa websites can set up mirror sites of Minghui Net, but please ensure that the sites are updated frequently and promptly with the most recent content in order to be responsible to the readers and Dafa.

4. Whenever possible, make links to Dafa websites from various upright and well-grounded public websites. This will enable more readers to gain access to Dafa websites through more channels, break through the Chinese government's Internet blockades, and increase the accessibility of Dafa information in society.

5. If technical support is needed to set up Minghui Net mirror sites, please contact both mirror@minghui.org and webteam@minghui.ca.

6. Set up reliable and safe email lists to periodically send articles posted on Dafa websites (including Minghui Net) to practitioners in China and people who are concerned about Dafa.

The time given to us by Dafa is very precious. There are still many lives awaiting the opportunity to learn about Dafa and the truth of Dafa. Let us make a united effort and further enhance the effectiveness of all Dafa websites. Let us also better conform to the needs of the cosmic changes and fulfill the requirement of the rectification of the Fa.