Although I have only practiced the system of Falun Dafa for 6 months, the changes, both physical and mental, have been enormous. Before, I used to drink, smoke and use drugs, lie, cheat, steal, blame others for my misfortunes and conduct myself in a very selfish and inconsiderate manner. After attaining these teachings, free of charge and openly taught, in October 1999, I gradually realized many of my shortcomings and bad behaviors, and started to measure myself according to the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truth-Compassion-Tolerance), and then adjust my mind and actions accordingly. In addition, my health has been perfect since practicing the five simple exercises, even through one of the worst flu seasons in recent years in Montreal.

There is no worship, firm organization, financial relationships or hierarchies; merely some kind suggestions which can help one to assimilate further with the characteristic of Zhen-Shan-Ren, and volunteers who provide help for group practices of the exercises. I firmly believe that the practice is entirely beneficial for the individual, while also carrying benefits over to the families, workplaces, and even societies the practitioners are a part of. Indeed, we strive to look inwards when encountering problems, putting consideration for others before our personal self-interests; does this not benefit society as a whole? I do not say that I personally am very good, merely that others and I have noticed improvements in my behavior in the past few months. However, I maintain that, on the whole, Falun Dafa practitioners are the kindest, most considerate, and tolerant people I have ever met.

It is thus hard, from my perspective, to understand the repression against Falun Gong in China; but through it all the practitioners have continued to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, risking loss of their homes, families, jobs, indeed even their lives, for the universal principles that they know in their hearts are good. Of course, they would just as soon not lose all these things; without the ban on the practicing of Falun Gong and the groundless slander of it, they would still be working, taking care of their families, and conforming to the state of the society as upright citizens. Unfortunately, because a great number of them, following their constitutional rights and appealing through the proper channels, have been jailed, sent to labor camps, or otherwise detained, many have been unable to continue their daily lives as usual. Nonetheless, all the way through this ordeal, practitioners worldwide have called for a dialogue with the government in China in order to come to a peaceful resolution.

It seems that the interference to Falun Gong has caused the most disruption in the society, rather than the practice itself. As such, I gladly mention Falun Dafa to friends, strangers, co-workers and family members, and if they are interested, suggest that they browse the freely available materials and check out the exercises themselves. In this way I feel that they will be able to gain an understanding and form their own, informed, intelligent opinions of what Falun Dafa is, what the teachings promote, as well as what practitioners do and how they conduct themselves. In my opinion, this is the only way for one to gain a truly rational understanding, and thereby form a more objective viewpoint, of the practice system. As such, the upcoming World Falun Dafa Day on May 13, with free activities worldwide aimed at demonstrating the practice to the general public as well as providing information, will certainly be very useful in helping the people of the world to understand and form opinions on this great practice system.


A Canadian Falun Dafa Practitioner