April 7, 2000

On the afternoon of April 5, on behalf of European Union, a representative from Portugal made a speech on the "civil and political rights". The speech criticized China's violations of human rights. The speech also maintained that the European Union was against the "re-education" through forced-labor, torture, police brutality, arbitrary detention, and persecutions against the religious groups. The speech brought up the Falun Gong issue at least twice.

The above speech was given right after Ms. Mary Robinson, the UN Human Rights High commissioner, finished her speech.

In the meeting of the non-governmental organizations on human rights held in the evening, the Amnesty International pointed out that China has severely violated the human rights. The Association Of World Citizen criticized the Chinese government for severe violation of the human rights of its citizens during the cracking down on Falun Gong spiritual movement. The International Association For The Defense of Religious Liberty also brought up the Falun Gong issue.