I am writing to you regarding the death of Chen Zi-Xiu. I have read about it on the Swedish homepage. It makes me cry to read about this kind of inhuman behavior. Is it so, that kind people who don't denounce their beliefs have to be killed in order to satisfy some governmental power or are these people who torture their fellow human beings without any feelings? If it is done with the Chinese governments knowledge, then it is even more horrible that law abiding people can't live in peace in their homes, their beliefs are questioned and if they do not believe as the government wishes they are killed. It seems to be so in China now. One wonders, if they allow these horrible deeds to happen without legal actions against the murderers? I hope that all good people in the world, regardless if they are people in high positions or beggars, feel in their hearts if these happenings in China should go on without any opinion or should one speak out and tell the world that we do not accept the injustice done to people like Ms Chen Zi-Xiu.

With regards,