Wang Ying is the 14-year-old daughter of Ms. Bai Lili, a practitioner from Beijing. Ms. Bai Lili got arrested when practicing Falun Gong on the Tiananmen Square on the eve of Chinese New Year (February 4). Later she was sent to the detention center of the police station of Dong-cheng district and has not yet been freed.

Before that, the little Wang Ying had been living with her mother. Her father died of brain disease two years ago. She went to the police station attempting to ask for her mother's return. As a result, however, she lost her personal freedom and got detained in a "Home for Senior Citizens" located in the Dong-cheng District of Beijing. Everyday, she goes to school "accompanied" by two classmates. After she returns to the "Home for Senior Citizens", a female staff member will monitor her. She would not be allowed to go anywhere or contact other people even in weekends. She feels very lonely.

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