After the article titled "the factual report on how the labor camp of Xi-ge-mu labor camp covered up the truth and tortured Falun Gong practitioners" was exposed on the Internet, a few practitioners from Jia-mu-si City, risking their own safeties, went to talk to the local City officials and the officials of the judicial department about the situation in the labor camp.

First, practitioners went to the judicial department and found an official. They told the official what was happening in the labor camp. The official admitted that what practitioners told him was true.

Practitioners, "How does the labor camp treat those detained practitioners?" Official, "Forced-labor education."

Practitioners, "Why do they need to work 13 to 14 hours, sometimes, up to 15 to 16 hours everyday?" Official, "Their work time has been prolonged so that they cannot practice Falun Gong."

Practitioners, "Why does the labor camp make the detained practitioners eat chicken feed?" Official, "Is it chicken feed? It might be rice in the bag marked chicken feed."

Practitioners, "Why is the rice in the store not contained in bags marked "chicken feed"?" That official did not answer this question.

Practitioners, "These detained practitioners are dying. How will you solve this problem?" Official, "I can guarantee that we will not let anyone die. We have ways to deal with them. The labor camp has a set of rules to deal with people on hunger strike. We are not afraid of that."

Practitioners, "Does the set of rules include electric club, beatings and other tortures?" The official smiled and did not answer the question. He only said, "If they die of hunger, we will have to take responsibilities. We have three doctors safeguarding them day in and day out. Moreover, an ambulance is parked in the yard of the labor camp. There shouldn't be any problem."

The official then asked the practitioners, "Who disclosed the report? Which female guard shed her tears? Which guard was on duty? Please tell me so that I can investigate it." The practitioners did not answer his questions.

That official even told practitioners that they could just practice secretly at home and not go to Beijing to appeal. He even blamed Falun Gong practitioners for the government's persecutions against them. Practitioners then told him, "It is not wrong for us to be good people. We do not want these things to happen either. All of these are caused by the government's wrong policy. We would like to tell the truth to the government just because we have benefited both mentally and physically from practicing Falun Dafa."

After some conversations, the practitioners told some facts about Falun Dafa to this official. The official admitted that practitioners were good people and were actually very good people. However, he still said, "No matter how good Falun Gong practitioners are, we have to implement the orders from the central government. I will lose my job if I show sympathy to you."

When the practitioners asked him how to deal with the hunger strike of those detained practitioners, he still said that he could not do anything but implement the orders from the higher authorities although he could understand the practitioners well and was sympathetic to them. When the practitioners asked him whether they should continue to talk to more officials about the matter, he said immediately, "You should no longer work on that. We all know the matter. It is useless for you to do that. ..."

Later, practitioners talked to another official in the City government. That official expressed the same attitude as the above official, "we have to implement the orders from our supervisors."

From the above two officials, we could easily figure out that the local government and judicial department are doing things against their conscience. Meanwhile, they dare not report the truth to their superiors. They are just shirking responsibilities.

The government should serve its people. The officials should not only implement the orders from their superiors, but they should also report the voices of people to their superiors. However, they now simply implement the orders from their superiors without consideration for people.

On the contrary, Falun Gong practitioners have been trying to report the truth to the government by sacrificing the interest and happiness of their families and themselves.

Practitioners in Jia-mu-si City April 16, 2000

[Received on April 17, 2000]