The following accounts expose to the world the facts of a few of the many cases of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Zichuan District of Zibuo City, Shangdong Province.á

Yan Ming, an excellent teacher in the First Middle School of Zichuan District, was loved and respected by his students. He worked very hard without any complaints and he never argued about the loss and gain of his personal interests. His school illegally detained Yan Ming for 88 days.á In addition, dozens of Falun Gong practitioners have received criminal detention and "reeducation by forced-labor" because they insisted on practicing Falun Gong, and they had been cruelly tortured in prisons and labor camps.á Among them are Gao Mingshu, a young engineer at Qingtie Synthetic Fiber Factory;á Li Xiulin, an employee of Zichuan District Photo Shop; Zhao Hongwen, a well-known kind-hearted doctor in Kunlun Town; Zhang Xiulin, who had been elected City Model Worker on many occasions; Ren Jun, the supervisor of a workshop of Huachen Corporation; Lu Qijun, Liang Wenjuan and Lu Junyi. At present, Falun Gong practitioners who are homeless and destitute because of the persecutioná include Zheng Shoulan, a teacher at the Second Middle School of Zichuan District; Su Xiangyang from Huachen Corporation; Ren Jifu and Zhao Jin. They had previously all received criminal detention and had been illegally detained. In addition to these people who have received criminal detention, nearly one thousand practitioners have received administrative detention.á It is difficult to assess the exact number.

Falun Gong practitioners who were forcibly sent to mental hospitals include four practitioners (Zhao Hongwen and Sun Rongjun et. al) from Kunlun China Factory; Sun Ruxiu from the Maternal and Child Hygiene Hospital; Sun Hongyan from Shuanggou Town; seven practitioners including Zhang Guihua from Taihe Village; the Fang Hongyou couple from Erzhuang Village; two practitioners including Sun Airong from Zichen Town;á three practitioners including Wang Xin from Zhaili Town; Wang Xiufeng, Wang Xiurong and Wang Yulin from Hongshang Town; as well as Zhu Fengzhen, a more than 70 year-old practitioner from Chennan Town, etc. Zhu Fengzhen was detained and tortured for 53 days. The above practitioners were all given drug injections, forced to take medication and shocked with electric batons.á So far there are several dozen practitioners who have experienced inhumane treatment. Moreover, the drugs they were injected with are all used for experiments on animals. Some practitioners were disabled by the time they left the hospital, including Zhuang Peixu (an employee of Mine Management Bureau) and Zhao Hongwen.á In addition, these victims had to pay in full all the expenses of their incarceration.á Sometimes the costs were as high as 4000-5000 Yuan (about $400, roughly 10 months' income for an average worker in China/by translator).

Next, take a look at the persecution at the "Forcible Education Class in Hongshan Town". In addition to beating practitioners at will, the evil people also tortured practitioners maliciously.á Wang Xiurong was forced to stand under the burning sun with two chairs on top of her head from 8:00AM till early the next morning and she was soaked with rain in the middle of the night. Li Qin had both her hands tied to a chair and was forced to hold the chair at the height of her head for one day. Wang Xiufeng and some other practitioners were forced to keep running barefoot under the burning sun on the running path that is paved with sand and stones.á Two elderly female practitioners who are over 70 years old could not stand the torture and they protested, leading to aggravated persecution. Those who couldn't stand the persecution were sent to mental hospitals and given so-called "treatments" by force.á Sun Hongyan from Shuangou Town was detained in a room and not allowed to sleep.á Fang Hongyou from Erzhuang Village was badly injured from being beaten with a stick.á Fang Shiqian and his wife were hung on a beam and beaten.á Several brutal men hired by the town government stabbed Xiao Peifeng several hundreds times until the awl broke in Mr. Xiao's body.á About a dozen practitioners including Zhang Jianlin from Zihe Town, were detained in an old military warehouse and brutally kicked, punched and beaten with clubs twice a day. They were tortured for over 20 days and illegally detained for 40 days. Niu Yundai from Longquan Town was detained for several days. Fang Kuanfeng from Kunlun Town was beaten with a club until the club was broken. He lost his consciousness so they poured cold water on him to wake him up. Yang Changkuang's feet were shackled with iron chains and he was beaten with a rubber stick until he lost consciousness. Zhang Ailin from Kunlun China Factory was punched and kicked by over a dozen people led by Chen Hui, the director of the local Economy Committee. A lot of her hair was pulled out and her right eyeball and half of her face turned black and purple because of the beating.á It took her half a month to recover. Chen Hui also burned her arms with his cigarette and stepped on her jaw while cursing her with the dirtiest of words. Moreover, Chen Hui, who has completely lost his human nature, stripped the clothes off two female practitioners, Sun Jiyun and Sun Rongjun, leaving only their underwear on their bodies. He then ordered them to grovel on the ground and he violently whipped their lower bodies with a belt and a plastic stick. Exhausted from beating them, he then asked another nine people to each strike the two practitioners ten times with the belt and then beat them brutally with a plastic pipe. Those people who make a loud enough sound while beating them had to beat them again and those who beat them with a with a loud sound would receive applause. Then Chen Hui cruelly beat the two female practitioners with a police club until their bottoms dripped with blood and their bodies turned from blue to black. It was too sad to note that there was not an intact spot on the two practitioners' bodies.á

In Zichuan District, most Falun Gong practitioners who went to appeal to the government were fined. Some of them were laid off; some had their salary or pension reduced. Some had their electricity and water supply cut off. The evil even punished the family, friends and neighbors of some practitioners.á The homes of over one hundred families were ransacked and looted. Over twenty families in Zhaili Town alone had their homes ransacked and were fined. Zhao Mingxian's home was ransacked three times. The home of Xianpin Wang from Hongshang Town was looted to such an extent that not a single chop stick or cup was left. Their farm equipment such as a tractor and a machine to smash stones as well as their personal belongings were all taken away.

Jiang Zemin claimed to the whole world at the international human rights meeting in Geneva this year, "China is now in the best era of human rights in history." Aren't the above facts about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners contrasting sharply with Jiang Zemin's claim? We urge the United Nations as well as all kind-hearted people around the world to help stop the evil deeds of Jiang Zeming and his accomplices.

Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China

November 2000