As the processes of promoting Fa, telling the truth and rectifying Fa are more deeply launched, many experts and university professors in the US, centering on topics such as human rights, religion and health, start to bring Falun Gong into the category of research and lecture. To understand Falun Gong, professors invited Dafa disciples to co-lecture and introduce Falun Gong and the on-going human rights persecution of Falun Gong in China. Through the manner of free discussion, on-campus American students also hold Falun Gong seminars by themselves for a complete understanding of the truth of Falun Gong issue. On the evening of December 6, some Falun Dafa disciples in the Baltimore area attended a free discussion seminar of this sort held at the Johns Hopkins campus. Some Chinese overseas students, scholars and American students also attended this seminar. The host, Mr. Smith, first invited Dafa disciples to start talking from personal experience of attaining Fa, then to introduce the initial spread of Falun Gong in China, and the propagation in US, along with the evil persecution in China. After that he also invited non-practitioners to talk about their understanding of Falun Gong activities. A scholar, who just arrived in the US from China, feels deeply confused about the contradictory documents issued by the Chinese government between April 25th and July 20th, and its two-faced tactics in cheating and fooling people. After that, focusing on why the Chinese government suppresses Falun Gong, attendees discussed some interesting issues, such as: Falun Gong and religions, Falun Gong and 1989 students' movements, Falun Gong and politics, Falun Gong and science, and the relation between Falun Gong practitioners and ordinary people. Through deep discussions, no matter whether it was American students, or the few Chinese oversea students who hold a neutral attitude, all denied and resisted the Chinese Jiang's government in abusing the national machine to crazily suppress peaceful and kind Falun Gong people.

Dafa disciples in Baltimore

December 22, 2000