On November 18, a large number of Toronto practitioners joined the Christmas parade held in three satellite cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Hamilton. Practitioners handed out over ten thousand copies of the Telling the Truth flyers and Falun Dafa newspapers during the parade. They made a great impression on the parade watchers.

Drawing on past experience, practitioners were fully prepared for this parade. Many practitioners worked day and night to decorate a unique float with a display of the books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun, a large Falun, and two large sacred and beautiful lotus flowers. Some other practitioners worked without rest for 36 hours preparing a magazine, Wonderful Future, just for the parade. The efforts of these great volunteers ensured our participation and success in this event.

During the parade, people could spot our group from a distance because our practitioners wore bright yellow T-shirts and there were various Chinese and English banners surrounding the beautiful float. Some practitioners demonstrated the fifth exercise (sitting meditation) on the lotus flower. The practitioner's smiles were peaceful and compassionate. While the harmonious Dafa music was playing, practitioners waved to the crowd. Along with Christmas greetings, we handed out copies of Wonderful Future to the crowd.

People, especially children, were keenly attracted by our group. Kids excitedly cried out "cool" and "you are the best." Some stood up and curiously looked at the huge Falun (Law wheel) model and asked us what it was. Some asked if they could jump inside the Falun. Many people inquired about obtaining Dafa materials. A man asked excitedly: "Can I participate in holding the Falun?" Of course we welcomed him. The whole parade was cheerful and peaceful. The energy field of righteousness was calling on the awareness of every kindhearted person. Falun Dafa, law of the universe, is not divide by races and has no nationality boundaries.

Nov. 22, 2000