(Minghui.org) Practitioners working for the Minghui website in multiple languages voluntarily take on heavy loads in translating Minghui's daily news and articles into English, German, Russian, French and other Western languages.

With the progress of Fa-rectification, there has been a significant increase in overseas media reports, briefings on activities to spread Falun Gong, proclamations, letters of support, etc.

To more effectively convey Minghui news to non-Chinese speaking practitioners and the public, practitioners on the translation team request that, as you provide Chinese articles for the Minghui website, you support the Western languages translation work by paying attention to the following specific recommendations:

1. Following the names of the Chinese translation, use parentheses to retain the names of persons, place names, organizations, titles, names, etc., in the Western languages.

2. Mark the sources of the original texts of the Western language articles, original names of the publications, publishing date, authors' names, and so on in the Western languages.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

Minghui Editorial Board

Published December 17, 2000

Updated January 2, 2005