On around November 25, 2000, Falun Dafa practitioner - Zhao Jing - died in the police station of Yutian (county), Hebei (province) after she was abused and tortured by evil police. She had dedicated her young life to the cause of Fa rectification of the human world. Zhao Jing is a 19-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner of Yushu village, Baishang township, Fengman district, Jilin city, Jilin province. She was on her way to Beijing in a bus that was stopped by a black police car when the bus passed by the Inspection Station of Yutian County, Hebei province on November 23, 2000. On the way to the Public Security Bureau of Yutian County, police asked the driver to stop the vehicle, saying that somebody was jumping out of the vehicle. At that time, the police told the 44 Falun Dafa practitioners on board the bus that the person who jumped out of the vehicle was only slightly wounded. The police also interrogated some practitioners on board for the name and address of the person who jumped from the vehicle. Some witnesses said that after the girl jumped from the bus, she hired a cab to continue her trip to Beijing. However, she was caught, again.. The practitioners who went with her heard the barking of dogs and the screaming of a girl where they were detained. In two days of detention, many Dafa practitioners were interrogated for the address of Zhao Jing. Later, the police changed their words and went on saying that Zhao Jing's head had been seriously wounded at the time she jumped out of the bus and she died because she was in a deep coma. This contradicts what the police originally said. A witness has confirmed that Zhao Jing was severely beaten by the police and died in custody, rather than died from jumping out of the bus. After Zhao Jing's corpse was transported back to Jilin (city), the police there asserted that Zhao Jing died because of the wound on her head caused by her jumping from the bus. They then went ahead and cremated the corpse before her family and relatives had an opportunity to inspect it, in an attempt to conceal their heinous crime. An insider December 2, 2000