Practitioners Mr A and Mr M left the main group in Delhi and arrived in Bombay Nov 17th. Arrangements had already been made by Mr S (a Bombay resident), who "happened" to be in Delhi when we started the 9 day video seminar. He was "electrified" and felt Falun immediately rotating in his body. He called his friends in Bombay and let them know we would be coming there soon. They are a group of people who have been deeply involved in spiritualism on a very high level. Their master is a lady with supernatural powers, but she doesn't treat illnesses or show off. We met her and gave her Zhuan Falun. She found it to be an excellent book and when she saw the picture of Master Li she immediately bowed in deep respect. She recommended her that her students try Falun Gong. This really opened up the door for larger-scale spreading of Fa in India

When we arrived we were warmly welcomed. Mr S was there along with two other ladies. Later they told us that they felt something rotating in their lower abdomens the moment we came, but they didn't know what it was. Mr S had taken off work to stay with us in the apartment during our visit in order to assist us. We found an apartment suitable for holding the seminars. Mrs M, a member of the group, had lent the apartment to us and when we asked her if we could remove the pictures of her gurus (normally a very sensitive issue), she said "Of course, we don't hold on to those old things." We were amazed! A young boy of about 15 helped us with the VCR that day. His mother, who joined the seminars, told us later what her son had experienced. He had told her ". I met two foreigners today and I felt something rotating in the stomach!" Later we had two introductory workshops in different locations. The people who attended were all from this spiritual group and they were very sensitive and excited, many felt the rotation of Falun.

Mr S had already prepared the schedule. Between 6 and 8 AM we practiced in a park close to where we were staying. At 10 o'clock we watched the lectures in the apartment and afterwards we taught the exercises until 1 PM. At 6 PM we practiced again and watched the lectures in another part of Bombay. It was great to see the lectures twice a day and also do the exercises so many times, but we also spent 2.5 hours each day traveling and in the beginning it was a little tedious. The people at the different places belong to the same spiritual group and there were about 20 participants at each place

We started the lectures and workshops Saturday, Nov 18th. These people already had high Xinxing and great awareness. They listened carefully to our advice about not to mixing Falun Dafa with other methods and not to do any healing. Many of them had already quit healing a long time ago and also let go of religions. They were totally open and already understood that Falun Gong was something special

Many of the people in the morning session had made arrangements at their jobs so they would be able to attend each day. Most of them came early each day and sat still listening for the whole lecture. They also read one chapter in Zhuan Falun every day and they understood the importance of attending every day. During the lectures Mr S sat smiling, nodding his head and absorbed every word from Master Li. The other also loved every word from Master Li; many felt a powerful energy during the lectures. Sometimes they spontaneously applauded, smiled and laughed when Master Li said something extra remarkable or funny. When we taught the exercises many of them felt the Falun rotate in the lower abdomen and it was a great joy to spread Fa to these people.

Even when Master Li lectured about Xuanguan and the Buddha body, they've already experienced that. Their Delhi Master had informed them of this in1995, so they felt Master Li was confirming this. The difference they said is that Master Li did this in public and explained it with other terms Mr A was a little curious of how they looked upon Master Li since they often talked about their Indian gurus. When Mr S was asked about Master Li he replied: "He's beyond the beyond."