November 24, 2000

Recently there have been frequent reports that persons in the Public Security Bureau in mainland China have administered psychotropics (mind altering drugs) to Falun Gong students. It is reported that as a result of this some students have done wrong things that violate the xinxing criteria for cultivators.

With regard to this, Master said that he "disbelieve[s] that psychotropics could play this kind of role. Out of their own fears, some of our students used this as an excuse for not passing the tests they should pass. If psychotropics could really play such a role and if [the students] have done seriously wrong things under the influence of the drugs, they should work even harder to inform people of the truth so as to make up for what's been lost ." (Boldface words in quotes are Master's original words.)

This makes us realize yet again that cultivation is extremely serious. In the face of major trials, only by holding ourselves to strict standards can we pass the tests and improve. Only then can we be worthy of the opportunity to practice cultivation amidst the Fa-rectification and of Master's great compassion and his painstaking effort to save us.