On 16-18 October 2000 the UK and Chinese Governments had a meeting on human rights issues. Set out below is part of a letter from John Battle, Minister in UK Government, which describes what the UK Goverment said.

"We expressed concern at excessive sentences against Falun Gong leaders, harassment of ordinary adherents and the treatment, including reports of beatings, of Falun Gong protestors in Tianamen Square on 1 October. Such actions were incompatible with the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which China signed in October 1998. We pressed the Chinese Government to abide by these provisions.

"We also raised the matter of the apparently harsh treatment of individual adherents of the Movement, citing the examples of Li Cheng and Wang Zhiwen, jailed in December 1999 for 18 and 16 years respectively. We pressed the Chinese to review each case and to consider clemency.

"We also raised our concern at the harassment of UK-based Falun Gong practitioners through intimidation of relatives in China. We will continue to press the Chinese authorities not to use such tactics against UK citizens who have been conducting lawful and peaceful activities in this country.

"The Chinese were in no doubt about the strength of our concerns on this matter."