On October 5, four practitioners tried checking into a hotel in Beijing. The owners became very much alarmed when they found out that the four were from Weifang, Shandong province. The owner said, "the hotel was fully occupied, there were no more rooms, you guys better leave immediately." Someone (who later turned out to be a local security policeman) overheard that the guests were from Weifang and said that rooms would be available, only, if they cursed Falun Gong. The practitioners turned their backs and left, but the local security policeman chased after them. Then more than ten local security policemen trapped them in an alley. Someone said, "Didn't you want to find a room? We will get you one." They forced the practitioners into a police car and took them to a police station. Another two practitioners were caught while making phone calls.

At the police station, there were also practitioners from Dalian. That same night the local police officers stationed in Beijing took away those practitioners that gave their names and addresses during the interrogation.

Those practitioners who refused to disclose their names and did not cooperate during the interrogation were locked up together with the practitioners detained on the first day. Police took away their food and water and forbade them to use the toilets. So, the practitioners went on a hunger strike.

The next day (October 6) police tried persuading practitioners to eat some food. But the practitioners stated firmly that they would not stop the hunger strike unless they were released. Practitioners took this opportunity to tell the facts about Falun Dafa' to the police. They recited loudly Master's poems, Lunyu, articles from Essentials for Further Advancement and practiced the exercises. A guard showed interest. In order to hear and watch clearly, the guard finally brought his chair to the front door. At night, the police ordered the practitioners to get into a car. The practitioners refused and asked the police to set them free. Finally, they were forced to get into the car. The practitioners expected bigger tribulations ahead and decided not to cooperate with the police under any circumstance. Surprisingly, the police dropped the practitioners in a suburb. One of the policemen said, "Get out of the car, and follow the road with street lights to get to Tiannamen Square." Practitioners then realized that they were being released.

China Practitioner

Oct 8, 2000