November 11 is the traditional Water Lamp festival in Thailand. More than ten of us practitioners came to the park at dawn; it was crowded. People were walking towards the river to light water lamps. When we appeared in the crowd with our yellow "Falun Dafa" T-shirts on, we were very eye-catching.

We demonstrated the five exercises accompanied by the exercise music. More and more people stopped by and watched us. Some came to read the Dafa bulletin board and the Falun emblem, some accepted the flyers with smiles, and some listened with great interest to us explaining what Falun Dafa is and clarifying the truth. Three young men and a lady learned the exercises right there on the spot. Watching people who were attracted to us and their seriousness, we felt Dafa's greatness and solemnity. No rumors or other means can damage Dafa. In the meanwhile, we were delighted to see that more lives will be saved by attaining the Fa.

We showed the five exercises repeatedly. We felt full of energy, serene and quiet. We totally forgot the noise. By the time it got dark, we had given out all the Dafa materials, including those in Thai, English, and Chinese. We gave the last two copies to the policemen who were watching us exercise; they accepted them gracefully.

We all felt we had risen to higher levels during this activity. The Teacher's great compassion has provided us great power.

We know that in Thailand there are still many people who have not heard of the Fa, and that there are many people who don't know Falun Gong. As a Dafa particle during the Fa rectification, we will follow the Teacher's words, "To validate Fa with reason; to clarify the truth with wisdom; to promote Dafa and save people with compassion." We will go towards Consummation in our protecting the Fa and promoting the Fa. We will not fail to live up to Teacher's expectation.

Thai Dafa practitioners

November 11, 2000