We are practitioners from Xishanping labor camp in Chongqing who wrote three letters: a letter of guarantee, a written statement of repentance, and a letter of rupture. At that time, because we blundered and wrote the letters against our conscience while driven by all kinds of attachments, our actions brought Dafa some negative effects and also created an unnecessary barrier to our cultivation. Every time when we thought about what we had done, we felt bitterly remorseful and distressed.

We hereby state that we have rescinded and abolished our "three letters" and have become practitioners in a dignified way. Now that we follow Master's teaching strictly, we have become truly good people and people of high moral standards. What did we have to feel guilty about? We were innocents, so why did we guarantee, repent, and rupture?

We also wanted other practitioners who may have written the "three letters" or any other letters to sober up, identify what attachments and concepts made them write the "three letters," find the root of the problems, and by eliminating the attachments move up in cultivation. Although we fell and did not pass this tribulation well, we will follow the Teacher's process of rectification provided that we always bear in mind the Teacher's words: "Taking the Fa as our Master" and use Dafa to judge our statements and actions in every aspect. Let us use Teacher's words as the concluding remarks: "Take every step well, and don't tarnish what you have already attained. Let the part of you that has been fully cultivated glow with an even purer brilliance."

Practitioners from Xishanping labor camp:

Li Chunzhi, Cheng Kongying, Gu Liangjun, Wu Deqiang, Cheng Jianbo, Li Chaogui, Qin Zongsong, Gan Shulin, Yang Bin, Wu Zhiqun, Tian Yicheng, Wang Zexing, Liu Xiangtai, Wu Qun.

November 4, 2000