What is really happening on Tiananmen Square everyday? Jiang Zemin and his followers fabricated their so called "top secret" documents saying "Falun Gong practitioners are killing people and setting fires on Tiananmen Square", and so on. Official propaganda machines make rumors saying "Falun Gong practitioners are making trouble, they are disrupting the unity and stability of the country". This is the main reason why the on-duty and plainclothes policemen are full of hatred toward Falun Gong practitioners. They treat them as enemies when they first come to the Square for duty.

However, upon confrontation with the truth, upon confrontation with the benevolent Falun Gong practitioners who are humiliated and violently mistreated, the lies are shallow and easy to see through. It is not hard to see the huge gap between the single-voice propaganda and reality. Who is benevolent and who is evil? As long as you are willing to think about it, the answer is right in front of your eyes. After all, many people still have a longing for compassion in their hearts. This is the main reason why the policemen and the plainclothes on Tiananmen Square cannot be used for too long and have to be transferred out constantly. As time goes by, Jiang Zemin's lies collapse. Sympathy, curiosity, and admiration replace the hatred.

Below is a set of photos taken by chance. They record what happened on Tiananmen Square one day all within less than twenty seconds. After seeing this, everybody can think about it, who is really lying to the world? Who is breaking the law and human rights? Who is disrupting unity and stability?

What on earth do these fearless and courageous Falun Gong practitioners go to Tiananmen for? Not for politics, and much less for personal fame and gain. They face evil with compassion, face cruelty with peace. They are not against anybody or any government, but just want to expose the shameless lies, to safeguard the justice and righteousness between heaven and earth. What they want is to explain to the people the innocence of Falun Gong, to explain to the people what has been truly happening, to help those innocent fellow practitioners tortured and killed in jail.

Be awake, kind-hearted people! Don't be fooled by the evil and the lies any more!

1. A huge group of Dafa practitioners forced into a police van. 2. Several plainclothes taking one practitioner to a police van.

3. Several more practitioners escorted to the police van.

4. A plainclothes beating an empty-handed practitioner after pushing him to the ground.

5. Two plainclothes "smelled" something and drive crazily towards it with the police van

69. Scenes of massively beating Dafa practitioners