Guo Ming (pseudonym) is a male college graduate. He worked for a foreign company in Beijing. He was arrested many times for going to appeal and for exchanging experiences with fellow practitioners. He was sent back to his hometown for detention. Recently, we learned that he has been sentenced to two years of forced labor education. Below is a letter he wrote to his father. A Practitioner from Mainland China September 23, 2000

Father: How are you? Xiao Zheng (Guo Ming's wife) and I are fine, here in Beijing. Mother has called several times over the past few days to say that both of you are really worried about our safety. We understand. We know it is the concern of parents for their children. Father, you have always been very much against our practicing "Falun Gong". We have always insisted on our viewpoint on this. This may have made you unhappy and perhaps you may have thought, "Now you have grown up and won't listen to your parents!" How can I explain? Xiao Zheng and I are both adults already. We have our own ideals and goals in life. Maybe we have a different understanding of life than our elders, in certain aspects. Society would not develop and change otherwise. Yet no matter what Xiao Zheng and I believe in or seek, we will abide by the very fundamental principles of being a good person. They are kindness and honesty. When a new thing emerges, no matter how magnificent it appears on the surface, if it is fundamentally evil or unkind, we will definitely not learn it. It is the same when it comes to the issue of "Falun Gong. Whether it is good or wicked, righteous or evil, we can discuss it together. If the facts and reasoning can make us feel it is not good, we will give it up right away. We feel that you are somewhat arbitrary on this issue. It is very hard for us to understand what we have done wrong on the based on the facts and further reasoning. We hope to share our opinions with you calmly when we come home. Hopefully, all problems may be resolved and we can understand each other. Father, you have told me since I was very young, to be kind and honest. As I grow older, I feel this has become increasingly precious. People all feel that the current trend in society has not been as good as that of the 1950's and the 60's. Now if I do something good on the street, such as turning in the money I have picked up from the ground, many people will say I am out of my mind. Yet, what rarity could it have been in the 1950's or the 60's, back when many people would have done so? Nowadays, people boast and admire money, pornography, and violence. People intrigue against each other, indulge in sex, couples divorce, and families' break apart. Is this a normal social phenomenon? The traditional virtues from ancient times have all faded from the minds of modern people. The ideology against tradition and orthodox ideas prevails. People find no one they can really trust. People no longer feel secure and there is no environment that is peaceful! However, Xiao Zheng and I have no such problem. In this society, when the moral degeneration is getting worse day-by-day, we have not been stained. This is mainly due to our study of "Zhuan Falun" (The main text of Falun Gong). In late June, I ran into a shocking incident in Beijing concerning Zhao Xin, a young female teacher in the Business and Economics College of Beijing Industry & Commerce University (formerly Beijing Business College). Xiao Zheng and I both know her and have a good relationship with her. Her father is a professor at a university in Harbin (a northeastern city in China). Her mother is a doctor and has received a very good education since childhood. Zhao Xin is very kind, honest, and has a gentle disposition. In late June, her parents were far away from Harbin. They suddenly received a notice that Zhao Xin was critically ill. What happened was that Zhao Xin was detained for practicing Falun Gong in the park on June 19. In the detention center, her 4th, 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae were fractured from the beating she received from the police. This occurred in Beijing. Doctors said that even if she could be cured, she would still be completely paralyzed. Her parents were overwhelmed and couldn't handle the pain and grief very well. Her father has heart disease, and he almost passed out. All the people who know Zhao Xin cried. Several elder aunts were stricken with grief. Zhao Xin's family went to the Beijing Procuratorial Office many times. Their case has always been rejected. Father, do you know why I tell you this? There has been many victims like Zhao Xin. There are already more than 50 Falun Gong practitioners with known names and addresses persecuted to death. Those beaten and arrested are countless. However, the newspaper keeps saying that the government has never persecuted "Falun Gong" practitioners. They say that the government has always used the way of education and persuasion. They say that those who died did so because of their illnesses. I remember when I told you that what was in the newspaper were fake and fabricated. You did not believe me. This time I witnessed it myself. Do you still not believe it? Do you know why, since July of last year, there have been many people going to Beijing to appeal every day? For the simple reason that too many incidents of persecution, similar to that of Zhao Xin's case, have happened in many places. What would it be like if the person severely injured from beating is not Zhao Xin but our Xiao Zheng. Would you still consider our going to appeal in Beijing as a disruption to social order? Then are those practitioners who sacrifice their own personal interests to appeal for us creating disturbance? Under the current situation, if the government does not fairly resolve the problem, we will appeal to the United Nations and international human rights organizations to monitor the Chinese government, and urge them to fairly and lawfully resolve the problem. Will you think we are interfering with politics? Will you think we have foreign political influence? Why can't we put ourselves in other people's shoes?. Father, it is not that we do not want to listen to you. You have always told us that one should behave kindly and honestly. On the issue of "Falun Gong, I have also followed this principle of being a good person all along. If it is something good, no matter how big the pressure is, I will not say it is bad and if it is bad, I will never say it is good. I have written a "report of my thinking" to the street office and police station of Fengcheng New Village. It is hard for them to refute my viewpoint as well. They only said: " It is our job as the police, this is decided by the central committee, and we can only follow their orders. In fact, I have met many such policemen, and they all know in their hearts that "Falun Gong" practitioners are good people. Really, father, please look at Xiao Zheng, mother and me, do we look like evil cultists? Why, under the high pressure, do people still uphold their belief? Isn't this worth pondering? History will tell the people who is right and who is wrong! Please don't worry about us; we will be responsible for our own behaviors. We will only strive to be good, and never to be bad! We hope that you are peaceful and healthy! Respectfully your son, Guo Ming July 5, 2000