(Minghui.org) When the righteous Fa is presented, thousands of demons try to suppress it. Ever since Falun Dafa was introduced to the public, interference from the evil force has never stopped.

The picture titled “Master Li quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains after leaving New York following July 20th, 1999” was published on January 19, 2000. The very next day, someone falsified an “Announcement to Return to the Home County: The Time Is Over” under Master's name, saying that time is up. It was published on a Chinese-language website forum in North America and spread it as widely as possible outside of China to the public and to Falun Gong practitioners.

The article is filled with premeditated lies, such as “Time is up,” “I will go back,” “I decided to go back to China immediately,” and “I'm willing to be tried.” As a matter of fact, Master has never published anything since "A Brief Statement of Mine" and “A Letter to Central Government and Government Leaders” were published last July.

The April 25 Zhongnanhai Incident last year highlighted the issue of cultivation overseas. With the collective efforts of Falun Gong practitioners around the world and kindhearted people in international society, the cultivation environment in different countries is improving. Falun Dafa has been more widely and thoroughly embraced around the world.

However, the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition still exists in the universe. The wide dissemination of Dafa disturbs those who are unrighteous and not-so-righteous. In the meantime, before we reach consummation, we still have everyday people's notions. There will be tests and tribulations. Viewed from the perspective of a practitioner, these tests and tribulations are stairs for us to climb when making advancements.

A handful of people who are afraid of Dafa are maliciously spreading rumors outside of China and attempting to cause trouble and hurt our cultivation environment and Dafa's image. However, it gives us a new opportunity to make advancements in our cultivation. We hope practitioners who truly cultivate themselves will taking the Fa as teacher, strengthen their righteous thoughts, safeguard Dafa and “a stable cultivation environment that's free of disturbances” as Master stressed, and make advancement diligently.

Minghui Editorial Board January 21, 2000

Published January 21, 2000 Updated January 2, 2005