(Minghui.org) After the Hong Kong Fa Conference in December 1999, a handful of students compiled and produced two tape recordings that contained portions of Master's Fa teachings and started spreading the recordings to some areas in mainland China.

The tape recordings contain partial contents of talks Master gave to students from Japan when the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference was held in New York in March 1999. One of the issues discussed was consummation. The tape recordings do not identify the time, audience, or venue for the talks.

The overwhelming majority of students who came across the two recordings in North America have seen the problem with doing this and stopped their further circulation. In some areas in mainland China, however, some students have mistaken the recordings as the content of Master's recent talks, resulting in their continued dissemination. Some people have even compiled and circulated transcripts based on the recordings.

Master has explicitly mentioned how such issues should be handled in “Bear in Mind Forever,” dated June 18, 1997. We hope disciples who cultivate genuinely will take the Fa as Master, destroy immediately anything that is circulated in private and not publicly published by Master, and safeguard Dafa by doing so starting from oneself.

Minghui Editorial Board January 12, 2000

Published January 13, 2000 Updated January 2, 2005