Beijing, December 31

Around 5pm this afternoon, I met three fellow practitioners from Tsing-Tao City at the Beijing Train Station. According to them, six practitioners from Tsing-Tao had arrived in Beijing successfully a few days ago, while the other seven were intercepted at the Tsing-Tao Train Station. On the early morning of December 26, the six practitioners practiced Falun Gong exercises on the Tian-An-Men Square. While they were practicing the second round of the first exercise, uniformed and plainclothes police officers noticed them. The police then came over and stopped them. On December 29, another four practitioners from Tsing-Tao arrived. There were also eight practitioners from Zhao-Yuan City who arrived in Beijing. They plan to express their opinions peacefully at the beginning of the new millennium.

Chang-Chun City, December 30

On the morning of December 27, an experience-sharing conference was held in Chang-Chun. Although only seven practitioners were able to attend the conference, it was very encouraging. Practitioners are determined to try their best to recover the environment for practicing cultivation of Falun Dafa.

Xin-Jiang Province, December 29

As soon as the Chinese communist regime defamed Falun Dafa as an "evil religion", some practitioners from Wu-Su County hit the road to Beijing to appeal. But they were intercepted on their way. Some other practitioners were able to make it to Beijing and they have already been escorted back by police. They include Li Hou-Zhuang, Chen Hui-Fang, Liang Yu-Ying, Wang Shao-Feng, Liu Hong-Yuan. They are now being detained together with another 30 practitioners from the same county. The police would release them as long as they promised to give up Falun Gong, otherwise, they would be detained indefinitely. Wang Shao-Feng and Liu Hong-Yuan have been detained for two months up to now. A former contact person of Falun Gong, Cui Xiu-Lan, was on hunger strike for five days, and she was transferred to a labor camp directly. Another contact person, Tan Lu, and a practitioner have also been sent to labor camp. It was said that Li Hou-Zhuang and Chen Hui-Fang (who are now in police custody) would "be arrested immediately" under the accusation of "association across provinces and cities", and would be sentenced heavily.

Guang-Dong, December 31

Two practitioners from Nan-Hai and a local practitioner were arrested at the home of the later on December 30. Their family members are not allowed to visit them.