Tian Baozhen - 田宝珍

Chinese name:
Wuhan City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:

Tian Baozhen, female, 40 years old, lived in the residential area of the Hubei Textile Design Institute at Yuejiazui in Wuchang District of Wuhan City.

In November of this year, together with several other practitioners, she went to Tiananmen Square to protect Dafa and to call for redress of a wrong. But she was detained without cause by the Tiananmen Police Substation.

Tian Baozhen refused to tell her address, and was beaten up by the police. She then went on hunger strike for her freedom and was subsequently interrogated, beaten up again, and force-fed. Ten days later, Tian Baozhen told the Beijing police that she was from Henan Province. Then she was brought back by the Henan police. After arriving in Henan Province, Ms. Tian told the police she was not from Henan Province.

At the sight of her extreme physical weakness due to her hunger strike and the brutal abuse she had suffered, the Henan police released her. With her great fortitude, Tian Baozhen got on the train heading for Wuhan City in Hebei Province. After she arrived at the Wuhan railway station, she was too feeble to even move, so she made a phone call home. Her husband brought her back in a taxi and carried her on his shoulders to their home on the fifth floor. After several days' rest at home, Tian Baozhen passed away on December 11, 2000. The dark bruises on her arms due to the police's beating and kicking are still shocking to see.

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