Chinese name:
Qian'an City
Kuangshan Machinery Factory of the Capital Steel Company in Qianan City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City
Case Description:

Ms. Pei Cuirong was a worker from the Kuangshan Machinery Factory of the Capital Steel Company in Qianan City, Hebei Province. Since she took up the practice of Falun Gong in 1998, her illnesses went away and she benefited tremendously both physically and mentally. On January 8, 2001, she went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to validate Dafa; however, she was arrested.

On January 11, 2001, she was transferred to Qianan County Detention Center. While in detention, she twice went on a hunger strike requesting her unconditional release. In late March 2001, she was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor and sent to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. She suffered inhumane torture in the labor camp, but she held firm to her belief in Falun Gong. The police shocked her entire body with electric batons non-stop until she lost control of her bowels. Her body was black and blue.

One day at the end of 2002, she suddenly felt dizzy and lost her eyesight. She was sent to the Tangshan Hospital, but the labor camp authorities wouldn't pay for her medical expenses. Her work unit had stopped paying her salary a long time before this. Having no money to pay for medical treatment, she was then transferred to Kuangshan Hospital, which is much cheaper than Tangshan Hospital. After a short period of time, she was released, but not long after she returned home, one day she suddenly lost consciousness. She was then rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. After she went back home, she lost consciousness again and did not regain it until two hours later. Her loss of consciousness reoccurred several times, until finally she passed away in late June 2003.

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