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Harbin City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
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Case Description:

Mr. Wang Yuqing was 57 years old. He used to live in Harbin City. Mr. Wang learned Falun Dafa in 1997 when he found that he had a serious illness. According to his son-in-law, his disease was supposed to be incurable, but Mr. Wang recovered very quickly through genuine cultivation. After Jiang's regime began persecuting Falun Gong, Mr. Wang's wife became afraid and tried to stop him from doing the exercises and studying Dafa. She fought with him every day, and even reported to the police station about practitioners who tried to contact him. As a result, Wang was isolated and found it very difficult to do the exercises or study the Fa. On June 1, 2004, he suddenly collapsed when he was on a business trip in Dalian City. The hospital found that he was suffering from lung cancer in its terminal phase. On the same day Wang's legs suddenly became immobile. The hospital said that no medical treatment could help and gave him two months to live.

When Wang returned to Harbin, he went to see many doctors, but none of them could do anything useful. Then he thought of Falun Gong. This time his wife witnessed the miraculous power of Dafa and was moved by the devotion of his fellow practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts and saving his life. Wang defied the doctor's predictions of only two months to live. His life was extended for half a year, but eventually Wang was unable to escape from the tribulation and died on January 17, 2005.

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