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( Ms. Yang Yinghong was a Falun Gong practitioner in her thirties from Yingcheng, Hubei Province. She began to practice Falun Gong in 1998. After the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, she started to clarify the truth to the local people. To stop her efforts to raise awareness about he persecution, the local police department threw her into detention. However, Yang managed to escape and continued to clarify the truth.

In the beginning of November of 2004, Yang was suddenly missing. Two days later, her family went to the local police department to inquire about her whereabouts. The person in charge in the police department said they had no idea where she could be, and asked the family to talk to the transportation department. When Yang's parents went to the transportation department, they were told that their daughter died in a car accident and had already been cremated.

Facing such shocking news, Yang's parents were grief-stricken. They had many doubts and requested to see the driver who caused the accident. But the transportation department would not tell them who the driver was.

Yang's parents then went to the alleged scene of the accident to take a look. But when they asked the local residents about the accident, they all appeared very hesitant, not wanting to say anything. After a lot of effort, Yang's parents learned that the police department had ordered the residents not to reveal anything.

Not long after, the police department and the transportation department repeatedly sent people to Yang's home asking her parents to come collect a compensation of 160,000 yuan. They wanted to close this case as soon as possible. Yang's parents firmly refused to accept the compensation; instead, they requested to know the truth of their daughter's death.

Yang's parents raised the following doubts:

Firstly, for any traffic accident, the transportation department ought to notify the family to identify the body and let the family make the funeral arrangements. However, in Yang Yinghong's case, the transportation department cremated her body without informing her family. There must be something that the transportation department was trying to hide.

Secondly, there is usually an investigation report and video recording of the accident scene. When handling a traffic accident, the traffic police should investigate and record the cause of the accident, and transfer the person who caused the accident to the police department, and then have the court decide on what liability that person should bear. If there's death involved, then a legal medical expert should be called in to determine the exact cause of death. However, in Yang Yinghong's case, none of these standard procedures had been done. Moreover, the police department even ordered the local residents not to say anything. What is the truth behind this cover-up?

Lastly, usually it is very hard for the victims of traffic accidents to receive compensation. The victims and their families have to go through a lot of procedures, talking to different departments before they can claim any money. Also, the amount is usually very little, often no more than 100,000 yuan. But the police department urged the family to claim a large compensation of 160,000 yuan many times, hoping to close the case as soon as possible. What is the police department afraid of?

We call upon the international community and human rights organizations to investigate the cause of Yang Yinghong's death and bring the murderers to justice.

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