Chinese name:
Qinghe County/ Xingtai City
Self-employed businessman
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Qinghe Detention Center
Case Description:

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhao Baosheng from Qinghe County, Hebei Province was once a millionaire in the cashmere business. He has been detained and persecuted seven times by the CCP. His body and mind were greatly damaged by the persecution, before he died on November 3, 2011 at age 48. His wife and children now struggle to live on without him.

Zhao Baosheng's wife has been arrested eight times. They were once a very happy family, but that all changed when the persecution began. Their elderly parents must stay with other relatives out of safety concerns.

Zhao Baosheng and his wife were from Gexianzhuang Village, Qinghe County. They started to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1999. They both experienced wonderful benefits from Dafa, physically and mentally. After Zhao Baosheng started to cultivate Dafa, his high moral standard and good virtue gained him great respect from his neighbors and business associates alike. When the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong and he was arrested and held at the detention center, many of his neighbors went to visit him. Other businessmen even went to the detention center to discuss business and sign contracts with him.

When the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong and slander Dafa on July 20, 1999, Zhao Baosheng and his wife went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa on the eve of the Chinese New Year in 1999. They were arrested by the local police, illegally detained for over 50 days, brutally beaten, and had 30,000 yuan extorted from them before they were released.

At every holiday and Chinese New Year, he was a target of persecution. They came to his home to arrest him in the middle of the night, and often ransacked his home.

On December 29, 2000, Zhao Baosheng went to Beijing to validate the Fa and display truth-clarifying banners. He was arrested and detained at the Shaling Police Branch, Shunyi County Police Department, Beijing. Five police beat him severely, disabling his arm. They tortured him in many ways. In the bitter cold of winter, the police ripped off his shirt and handcuffed him to the wall outdoors. They poured cold water on him and used an electric baton to beat him. They also used a big electric baton to shock his genitals many times. They handcuffed his hands to two separate chairs so that he could not squat down. Then the police used an electric baton, rubber stick and police baton to torture him continuously for over four hours (from 6 p.m. until past 10 p.m. at night).

Then Zhao Baosheng was sent back to the local detention center by police from Qinghe County. In the detention center, his pure and kind actions moved the prisoners who were near him. After he was injured from torture, the prisoners lifted his arms to help him practice the exercises. Then the CCP personnel from Qinghe County sent him to the Hebei Province Brainwashing Center. He did not have any money or extra clothes, and wore only shorts and a vest. His two teenage children walked a few hundred kilometers from Qinghe County to Shijiazhuang City to visit him. It was difficult for them to find the brainwashing center. When they arrived and requested to see their father, they were turned away. The police gave them the excuse that it was not a visitation day. With tears in their eyes and grief in their hearts, they were turned away and had to leave. Though it was cold and Zhao Baosheng did not have any extra clothes, no CCP personnel in the brainwashing center cared. He did not receive any other clothing until other practitioners who were released from the brainwashing center were kind enough to send some to him.

Time passed and not only would the brainwashing center not release him, they sent him to the Handan Forced Labor Camp. Since he had already lost the ability to do forced labor work due to the persecution, the forced labor camp refused to accept him. After he was extorted 6,000 yuan, he was released and allowed to go back home.

On the evening of November 17, 2001, around 6 p.m., the Qinghe County Police Station chief Liu Jiangong led a group of police to break into Zhao Baosheng's home. They ordered the couple to go to the police station, but they refused. Liu Jiangong called the Qinghe County CCP Politics and Security Section Head, Liu Bao'an, who ordered police officers to forcibly take the couple from their home. Even their children tried to stop the police, but they were also beaten. The children suffered both physically and mentally throughout the persecution of their parents. Without proper legal procedures, the police detained the couple at the Qinghe County Detention Center. Inside the detention center, the directors Xu and Ruan ordered the prisoners to forcibly put the prisoners' clothing on Zhao Baosheng and take photos of him. Zhao Baosheng firmly refused to cooperate with them and was brutally beaten.

Zhao Baosheng was detained for 47 days and went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution during those 47 days. The police handcuffed him from behind for 16 days, without any care whether he lived or died. On January 20, 2002, when the police removed the handcuffs, Zhao Baosheng's wrists were noticeably damaged, the palms were discolored and swollen. He could not feel anything and people were afraid to even look at his hands. After two months on a hunger strike, the police inserted a tube into his mouth to force-feed him. They did this seven times, causing him to bleed several times. Chief Zhu Zengxin incited the prisoners to feed him very hot soup that would obviously burn him, and then cold water to shock his stomach. While handcuffed behind the back, police left the feeding tube inside his stomach and did not remove it. The handcuffs dug into his flesh. The food that police forcibly fed could not be digested. His lips became very dry. In order to avoid responsibility, the detention center sent him to the hospital. When the doctor discovered that the tube had been left in his body for 18 days, he knew that it would be stuck to his stomach and was afraid to pull it out. Later the CCP personnel saw that Zhao Baosheng's life was in great danger and were afraid that he might die inside the detention center, so they notified Zhao Baosheng's family members to come pick him up and take him home.

Zhao Baosheng had weighed over 198 pounds. When he was released, he weighted a mere 132 pounds. His wrists still clearly showed scars where he had been handcuffed. After he was released, the CCP's Politics and Security section head Liu Bao'an from Qinghe County still directed the police to continue harassing him at home, and the home and where his parents were living as well.

On the night of February 22, 2005, after 8 p.m., CCP official Zhao Mouwen from the Xingtai District came to Qinghe County. He and Chen Shuyuan from the police department led dozens of police to break into Zhao Baosheng's house and ransack his home. The police forcibly took away the telephone, their children's cellphones and Dafa books. They also arrested Zhao Baosheng and his wife, and detained them at the police department.

Zhao Baosheng was severely injured physically and mentally during the seven times that he was detained and persecuted. This caused great hardships in his life for him and his family. On November 3, 2011, Zhao Baosheng died at the age of 48.

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