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( A Falun Gong practitioner in Jiangsu Province once documented her horrific experience at a detention center. She was sent there for refusing to renounce Falun Gong.

She witnessed how a guard dumped a bag of unknown powder into her rice bowl before giving it to her. The guard didn't know she saw it and kept lacing her food with drugs for seven days, during which time she refused to eat the food. Fortunately, two inmates shared their food with her.

On the eighth day, the guard stirred a bag of unknown powder into a bowl of winter melon soup right in front of her and said, “This will help lower your high blood pressure. Come eat it!” She refused to take a sip. Three other inmates were happy to share the soup she wouldn't touch. As soon as they took a sip, they spit it out, “Ew, so bitter!” The guard snatched the soup and dumped it.

When this practitioner learned of the death of Jiangsu practitioner Ms. Sun Baoping, she suspected that Ms. Sun may have also been drugged during her detention. Ms. Sun developed ascites after she was released from a local brainwashing center. Quite a few practitioners who were drugged developed the same symptom and died.

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