Chinese name:
Qianfeng Village/ Yongquan Township/ Wenjiang District/ Chengdu
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Jiezizhen Police Station of Guxian
Case Description:

( On September 25, 2001, Ms. Bixin Yu was arrested by police of Yongquanzhen Police Station of Wenjiang County and Jiezizhen Police Station of Guan County, and was beaten until she lost consciousness. On the way she was sent to the Jiezizhen Police Station, she waken up and tried to escape. When she jumped down from the police vehicle, the police shot her on the head and killed her.


On June 29, 2000, the town government and police department arrested Falun Gong practitioners by force and detained them in the Yongquan Adult School to transform them. The Falun Gong practitioners they cruelly persecuted included: Zhang Xiguang, Yu Bixin, Feng Guangru, Yin Maohua, Li Faying, Cao Li, and Yang Guanghai, etc. Mr. Zhang Xiguang has been over 60 years old. Those evil people first kicked and beat him, then mercilessly pounded Mr. Zhang's feet with an iron rod until he fell down and lost consciousness on the spot. Those evil people didn't pay any attention to him and continued to beat the other practitioners. They brutally beat Mr. Zhang several times later. Since they focused the beating on his buttocks, Mr. Zhang's buttocks were injured to the point the skin oozed so much blood that his trousers stuck to his flesh. Ms. Yu Bixin was first beaten in the head with a wooden stick and then, when the stick broke, they pulled her hair and slammed her head into a blackboard. Her lower lip was split from the beating. Later those hired thugs made a bronze wire whip to first beat her buttocks and then her whole body. Several thugs took turns beating her until she lost consciousness. When her husband came to visit her, Ms. Yu took off her trousers and exposed her buttocks, which had become black from beating, and shouted, “Take a look how they have beaten us, go and sue them..." Many people around felt shocked at such bruises.

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