Song Ruiyi - 宋瑞义

Chinese name:
Yilan County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Yilan County Second Detention Center
Case Description:

Mr. Song Ruiyi was a 48 year old resident of Group Five in Chaoyang Village, Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province.

On November 29, 2001, Song went to rural areas to distribute Dafa truth-clarification materials. He was arrested and detained in the Second Detention Center.

Song went on a hunger strike to protest. Three days later, the guards were ordered by the director Zheng Jun to force feed him with high density brine . But Song still continued the hunger strike. Fourteen days later, seeing Song was on the verge of death, the detention center guards sent him home to avoid the responsibility should Song die in the center.

On December 29, 2001, Yilan County police conducted a mass arrest of practitioners. In order to avoid further persecution, Song and his wife had to leave home, leaving his 76-year-old mother and 16-year-old daughter alone. While they were wandering around, the police station police forced his village government to finance their hunt for Song. Due to torture he suffered before at the detention center, Song had stomach problems and he could not eat much. During the homeless life, he finally collapsed and became bedridden. On November 3, 2002, he passed away in a place other than his hometown.

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