Li Yuru - 李玉茹

Chinese name:
Chengdu City
12th Middle School of Chengdu City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Wangjiang Road Police Station
Case Description:

Ms. Li Yuru, 58, was a school doctor for the 12th Middle School of Chengdu City. Before she obtained the Fa in 1995, she suffered from hepatitis B and other diseases. She was often referred to as a "medicine pot" or a "half alive person ." After practicing Falun Dafa for less than one year, she was completely healed. In order to uphold the reputation of Falun Dafa, she maintained a prolonged effort to publicly clarify the truth to people.

In 2002, the Wuhou District Wangjiang Road Police Station illegally detained Ms. Li. The police then searched her home without a warrant and confiscated her property. She was repeatedly abducted, harassed, threatened and trailed. The corrupt officials of the 610 Office employed homeless people to take turns monitoring Ms. Li. She suffered both physically and mentally, and fell deathly ill. The policemen maintained surveillance from their police vehicles just outside her door even when she was dying in bed. Ms. Li's husband, a very refined man who never loses his temper, told them: "She is dying, and you're still doing this to her! You let the murderers and arsonists go, and come here to seize a good person like my wife!"

Ms. Li Yuru died on July 30, 2002.

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